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In a time when entrepreneurship and breaking away from the 9-5 is trending, finding good business advice and strategies in “an ocean” of information quickly becomes time consuming, overwhelming and stressful.





A large number of self-acclaimed business experts are monetizing the demand for guidance but are often lacking the required experience. So how do you know you’re getting true expertise?

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Why EHQ?
EntrepreneursHQ takes away the guesswork from the process of acquiring business advice for both aspiring and established entrepreneurs. We don’t claim to be experts or gurus ourselves. Instead we hand-pick the very best talent – people with a proven track record of success – to share their expertise.
This is how we provide our audience with trustworthy sources of high-quality, actionable information.
How do we know our expertise will deliver results? Because the tactics our experts teach have been battle tested in their own businesses with proven results. 


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Liam Austin

Life-long entrepreneur, focusing on business development, strategy, content and anything else. A former professional soccer player, addicted to podcasts, surfing and burritos. Previous experience growing media companies in Australia and the UK.

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Sarah Thorslund

A behavioural scientist responsible for marketing, design, community and anything else. Born in Östersund, Sweden, in a family of small business owners. Loves skiing, fashion and coffee.

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