A Private Invitation To Participate In The 2024 Launch Of Virtual Events That Sell

Claim your share of the commission and prizes this year and earn up to $1,447 in additional income every time one of your referrals joins ‘Virtual Events That Sell’.

What is Virtual Events That Sell

‘Virtual Events That Sell’ is a proven training and coaching program that is designed to help people build an email list, increase their authority, grow a network of influencers and generate new revenue.

We give our students a step-by-step process and method to launch and host a virtual event or summit.

After 17 successful virtual events since 2015, we’ve been testing and learning what works and what doesn’t.

Every person who enrolls in ‘Virtual Events That Sell’ will get lifetime access to the course curriculum, access to a 6-week bootcamp, our Fast Profit Formula course, unlimited email support, access to a private forum community plus loads of bonuses.

Sounds good? Let us tell you more about how you can get involved.

How will you make commission?

‘Virtual Events That Sell’ is priced at $1,997 with commissions up to 50%…

  • 40% commissions for less than 5 sales
  • 50% commissions for 5 sales or more

That means you’ll earn a minimum of $798.80 for each sale you send our way. It becomes even more when you factor in payment plans and upgrades.

A few of our amazing partners

Josh Turner

CEO at LinkedSelling

Steve Olsher

America's Reinvention Expert

Ted McGrath

Message To Millions

Trevor Turnbull

Expert Selling Machine

Jeff Bullas

Content Marketing‬ Influencer

Jason Stone

Millionaire Mentor

New To Virtual Events That Sell?

Meet Liam Austin

I’m Liam Austin, co-founder of Entrepreneurs HQ. I’ve organized and been the host of 17 profitable virtual events.

My current business wasn’t my first venture as an aspiring entrepreneur. My whole life I’ve dreamt of a lifestyle I knew was possible but didn’t know how to unlock.

I spent years working day and night for results that would never match the work I’d put in. I wanted out of the 9-5, but ended up in a new type of rat-race, chasing a few leads at a time.

It wasn’t sustainable, and it definitely wasn’t the life I’d dreamed of.

In 2015 it all turned around with my first virtual event. In less than 90 days I pulled it together and BOOM, it was a success.

For the first time in a decade, I got the break I had been working so hard for.

Now, I’m teaching my methods and sharing my process inside Virtual Events That Sell.