How to get high-paying coaching clients

17 Actionable Strategies for Getting High-Paying Coaching Clients

One major hurdle many coaches face is how to get high-paying coaching clients. As a business mentor and strategist, I have helped many coaches run profitable workshops, sell their high-ticket offers, and turn their small communities into thriving email lists of tens and, in some cases, hundreds of thousands of

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Liam confidently closes a sales call

How to Close a Sales Call the Right Way

So, you’ve built a rapport with the prospect and you’ve given your pitch. How do you seal the deal and end your sales call with a new client? Learning how to close a sales call the right way takes time, but there are some simple closing techniques you can use

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two people working on how to make a sales call

How to Make a Sales Call: a Step-By-Step Guide

There are so many benefits to sales calls that you just can’t get with email conversations. While I’ve had many successes over the years with sales calls, I’ve also had to learn the hard way in some circumstances. Learning how to make a sales call is absolutely crucial for getting

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