17 Podcast Interview Tips & Questions To Be Prepared For

How to be an Epic Summit (or Podcast) Interview Guest

Appearing as a guest on a podcast, virtual summit, or radio show can be an outstanding marketing opportunity for your business.

These appearances are what’s known as “earned publicity,” the kind of publicity you get not because you paid your way into it,  but because someone – in this case, the podcast, summit, or radio show host – recognized you as an expert in a certain area.

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How To Use MailChimp (Beginners Guide) The 2021 Tutorial

Many of us have heard of the power of Mailchimp, but are you really aware of all the features you can unlock to really make it work for you and your business? If you’re looking to implement email marketing into your business operations, you should definitely give Mailchimp a try.

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What Is A/B Testing (With Examples): How To Tutorial

It isn’t wrong to learn from others who came before you. Very few things in the world are truly original. “Good artists copy, great artists steal!” But there’s a fine line. If you cross it, your artwork may end up looking like a cheap imitation. The same goes for when

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How Do Instagram Ads Work? My Quick Guide For Newbies

A Primer For The Facebook Ad Platform Newbie I’ve been studying Facebook Ads fairly intensely for the past 3 years. If you weren’t aware all ads on Instagram actually run through the Facebook Ads platform since Facebook is Instagram’s parent company. My background is in direct sales and back when

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The Facebook Video Ad Method That’s Generated 1 M Views

Connecting Deeper With Video Ads I focus on Facebook ads for medium-sized businesses focusing on new leads and sign-ups. One of the most powerful tools at my disposal is video ads. Video is super powerful because it allows you to tell a better story and create a deeper connection than

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