What I’ve Learned Blogging Daily

I’m a lifelong entrepreneur, I’ve sold everything from Pokemon cards to fireworks.

Eventually, I decided to get more serious and launch a clothing line, and I was able to get some experience running larger marketing campaigns.

Now I help people build their businesses using email from their first customer all the way up to scale.

When you’re first starting off and have less than 500 subscribers, in a way you have an unfair advantage. That advantage is time, as your list grows your business is bigger and you have more tasks which you need to balance.  
That’s when I started blogging daily about what I was doing in my business and why it was important. Not important to me, but rather how it related to my audience and their businesses.

I would then turn these blogs into emails and change all the “I’s” to “You’s.”

This is how I found my first client.

They were searching for an answer that I had addressed in one of my blogs and they came to it from Google.

As I gained experience working with clients I was able to get really specific on what their problems were. By sending something out each and every day I was able to build up my list consistently over time.

I try to tell stories and make it entertaining, you don’t have to be a comedian but you have to a least be your own person.

With my audience, I don’t just aim for them to know, like, and trust me. I want to be trusted and respected.

I’ve had a ton of people in my life that I like a lot, but I would never buy anything from them.

When you position yourself as a trusted and respected advisor for your market that’s when it becomes a no-brainer for them to buy into your solutions.  
When it comes to building your list, you should start right away with daily emails.

I say this because, in business, copywriting is one of the most important skills you can have in your toolkit.

You’re going to need to know your products like the back of your hand if you want to be successful, and writing emails right from the beginning will give you that ability to master your selling proposition.

You can talk about how you’re serving the market and how your business is growing. If you keep it up daily you will naturally begin to attract the types of leads that want to have that level of connection with you.  
If you ever happen to be late with an email one day you will find that you start receiving messages from your core fans.

These contacts have become used to you being a small part of their day and almost like their morning cup of coffee. The other thing is you may get a lot of unsubscribes and that’s ok.

There are people who aren’t right for your business or they’re not ready to work with you yet.

If you stick with it for 6 months you’ll have a ton of practice and you should be able to see some definite progress.

Over 2 to 3 years this will just develop exponentially and that will give you even more credibility when talking to your next client.

Action Steps

  1. Write emails that talk about what’s happening in your business and what you’re taking away from it.
  2. Turn the “I’s” into “You’s” and make the email apply to your reader’s businesses as well.
  3. Write daily to your list regardless of your list size, be consistent and don’t mind people unsubscribing.
  4. Monitor your progress and use these daily emails to create credibility with your audience over time.


Result You Will Achieve

A list of prospects who look forward to your emails and want to have a daily connect with you creating authenticity and respect.

Mentor: Jeremy Montoya

List Building Specialist of Jeremy Montoya.

This article is based on an EHQ interview with the mentor.