Generating Leads Over Email

One of the biggest problems all businesses face is lead generation. Email marketing is the best way I know to build a relationship with a large group of people.

I’ve integrated my lead generation into my email marketing as a way to be seen as more relevant and in touch with who my customers are.

The three ways you can build your following are organically, by paid ads, and by JV partnerships. No matter which strategies you use, you need to start building these relationships.

Ultimately you want some of these relationships to grow into customer relationships. There’s no point in having a 30,000 member email list if no one ever decides to take you up on an offer.

With organic traffic, you can ask for your prospect’s email with a relatively low amount of value provided since they are doing most of the work and coming to you.

Whatever piece of content you’re putting out there that then leads back to your site has done its job. With paid ads, you want to know what price you’re willing to pay.

>When your list is large enough to support JV offers then you really want to choose your partners well.

I’ve used all of these!

What’s always worked for me in growing my list has been giving tons of value, but that’s what everyone tells you to do.

I’ve developed a specific strategy that lets you determine how much value to offer in order to produce high levels of engagement from your list.


I call my strategy the SSF Strategy. It stands for Sidewalk, Slowlane, and Fastlane.

In the Sidewalk part of the strategy, we take articles that are between 500 – 700 words and we promote them as content on Facebook. These articles usually get a relevancy score of 9/10 or higher so the clicks come easily at around $0.05 a piece.

Each piece of content will also have a CTA at the bottom that will move the reader into an engagement stream such as an email list.

Here’s when most people will go ahead and subscribe, but a small portion of them don’t. With these groups, we add them into a retargeting audience and then the conversion rates goes up to 50% or more. Our Sidewalk sequences are usually about 12 emails.

We send them the initial lead magnet and then we follow up later that day. In that next email, we give them 3 options about what they’re interested in.

From there we begin to nurture them and build up authority. We cycle through nurturing, authority, and offers as we go through the process.

When the prospect says yes we’re able to move them up lanes towards our fast lane.

This is how I’ve been able to build my list up quickly. Once they’re on our list we can begin to move the relationship up the value chain with another lead magnet. It’s a bit higher obligation and this moves them into the “Slowlane.”

The relationship is established and now trust is building up.

When you introduce the “Fastlane” this is where you really dial in talking about the pain and your solution to it.

This is where webinars and strategy calls come into play as content.

At this point all you have to do sell them on the outcome you’re providing. This is our basic Facebook ad to email funnel and it works like a charm.


Action Steps

  1. Entice your prospects with high relevancy content in the form of a 500-700 words Facebook article. Sponsor this with ads.
  2. Offer a CTA that brings them onto your email list via a lead magnet.
  3. Send them a nurture, authority, offer sequence that consists of 12 emails.
  4. Offer them a higher value lead magnet to enter the Slowlane.
  5. Repeat the process until they are ready for the Fastlane which leads to your sales funnel.


Result You Will Achieve

A robust list that funnels customers to increasingly higher value proposition offers until they become paying customers.

Mentor: Scott Oldford

Strategy & Direction at Infinitus. An email expert helping entrepreneurs grow their business with online marketing funnels. Grew his email list from 2,600 to 42,000 in 16 months.

This article is based on an EHQ interview with the mentor.