Video’s Amazing Impact

Video marketing is responsible for a huge chunk of my success as a business owner. It’s led to me having incredible connections with other people, often times people I’ve never met in real life but because the power of video I’ve been able to deeply impact their businesses and lives.

One time, a fan of my videos ran up to me at a conference and I was a bit freaked out because no one had ever approached me like that before, but we connected and I was so grateful to hear his story. From that moment forward it cemented my opinion of video as a medium to leverage in my marketing.

It’s certainly been a journey for me as well. My first videos were terrible!

At first, I thought I had to impress people and I would dress up in a suit and tie. I was also so nervous I would write out a script and tape it up in front of me. None of these things are what helped me build my video empire, thank goodness.

What did work was being consistent and authentic in my messages and by having a deep focus on my content and target market. It’s absolutely possible that you can connect with your audience in the same way.

Here are a few ideas on how you can make video have an impact on your business.


Daily Blogs Over Weekly Content

Personally, I am in favor of providing daily content to your audience instead of producing a bigger weekly post. Blogging is great because you get tons of data to track and you get the near instant feedback about what’s working with your audience. We like to think of ourselves as a media company and we want to provide that “dose” of content to our audience every day.

If you turn on any TV channel like ESPN, for instance, they have something new happening all day, every day. Now we don’t have that kind of firepower but that’s the model we’re going for. If we only put something out once a week, our audience would just go to someone else to get their “fix.”

Since 2012 we’ve published over 2,000 daily blog posts and the audience has continued to support us with new traffic and leads. What’s great about blogs is that they live forever, we still have leads coming in from posts we’ve done years ago.

My recommendation is to keep your posts short, in the range of 3-5 minutes. This is long enough to provide value but short enough that your audience doesn’t get bored.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is magical! It’s the only medium I know of where you can launch your content totally unannounced without ads! We’ve literally pressed go and have had thousands of people on live to our feed. It’s just that powerful and I don’t know of any other platform that compares.

Facebook is great, and Periscope is another option. We’ve been doing live streams every day and it’s by far the best way to get in front of our audience.

Give these formats a go and see how your audience responds. Remember a small fix of content daily builds up over time and continues to provide returns.

Action Steps

    1. Record a daily video blog for your audience.
    2. Track your metrics on how they respond to different topics.
    3. Keep the length short around 3-5 minutes.

Bonus: Livestream your content to get in front of a huge percentage of your audience.


Result You Will Achieve

Daily video content that deeply connects to your audience and energizes them as prospects.

Mentor: Ray Higdon

CEO at Ray Higdon, 160,000 email list, $4 million a year in revenues. Ray has built a multi-million a year coaching and training business working from home using video.

This article is based on an EHQ interview with the mentor.