Cold Emails That Give Instead Of Take

Have you ever been on a date, and they ask you to meet their parents after the first hour? Totally weird and awkward, right?

Well that’s a bit how most cold emails come across.

It’s someone you don’t know asking you for a lot more than you’re willing to give.

It’s a lot of taking. What I wanted to do was develop an approach that focused on giving.

I didn’t want my emails to feel manipulative, salesy, or gross.

What I want to share today is how you can change your approach by using teaching, humor, and sounding human. One of the clients I was able to work with from cold outreach was a huge telecom company.

Big enough that you’ve almost definitely heard of them. What we did was go onto their website and looked at what types of packages they were offering.

They were offering a ton of services and bundles and it was actually fairly confusing as to what package someone should order.

We realized that we could help them by reimagining this particular sales page.

Using a typical approach this would be the time when we’d cold email and tell them how much our company could increase their conversions, we didn’t want to do that. We wanted to go with a giving approach.

Instead we shot them a video using 2 easy to use tools, Screenflow and Loom. We showed them what we specifically wanted to achieve for their business and the results we were hoping to produce.  
It was lo-fi and only took a few minutes to put together. We then created a thumbnail and put the prospects name on it. On the actual thumbnail!

So when we sent out the email the video on it read, “Hey Beth, made a little video for you…” with a play button.

The rest of our email was very short and to the point. It explained what we wanted to help them out with and to click on the video.  
The video itself is the teaching portion. We walked the prospect through step by step so she’d understand our process and our overall objective.

On the backend we get to see if she’s interacting with the video and sharing it with others on her team.

At that point we would have the go-ahead to follow up with her on the areas of the video she found most interesting, and from there we can begin a dialogue.

You don’t have to go the route where you sent 7 different follow up messages like other people recommend. Those emails clearly don’t work! We were able to connect in just one.

This is because we put in the extra leg work and created something truly valuable before reaching out cold.


Action Steps

  1. Review your prospects website for an opportunity where you can provide your service to them.
  2. Shoot a video with Loom or Screenflow that explains what you want to achieve for them.
  3. Personalize the video thumbnail for your prospect.
  4. Write a short and simple email that explains why you’re sending the video.
  5. Monitor their interaction with the video and use that as a jumping off point for further communication.


Result You Will Achieve

More replies to your cold emails by adding in personalized videos that model how you solve your prospects problems.

Mentor: Josh Braun

Founder of Sales DNA. Josh gives real world examples on how he was able to attract customers simply by showing them how they could do something better.

This article is based on an EHQ interview with the mentor.