The Tech Is Taken Care Of

I’ve built over 400 funnels in the last several years working with ClickFunnels.

It’s so easy now to get your funnels up and running. The tech part is taken care of. Now you actually have to get good at marketing.

For me, I’ve seen offer creation as one of the keys to having a great funnel. I’d say if I had to pick one tool to have in the toolbox and that’s it, I’d pick offer creation all day.

Too many people obsess over small details within the funnel as being the secret to their success and I think those folks are missing the big picture.

Being able to solve your customer’s problems when they buy into your product or service is all that matters. The way you convey this to them is through your offer.

Small tweaks in the copy or video quality can certainly improve your conversions rates but improving your offer will always be the stronger growth driver.

When I was sitting next to Russell Brunson for a year and a half we’d get bananas excited over offer creation.

We’d be sitting there with no shoes on, listening to loud music and when we got an idea we’d rush over to the whiteboard and go to town.

First, we’d write the main item we were trying to sell across the top of the whiteboard, but then we’d work on trying to improve the offer.

We’d enter what we’d call “the crazy zone.” The imaginative space where anything is possible no matter how nuts.

We’d throw out ideas like flying prospects out to have pizza at Russell’s house. Then we’d try to top it. Maybe Russell’s wife would cook the pizza herself! Yes!

Now after the trip to “the crazy zone” you need to bring it back to reality. Russell’s wife wasn’t going to make pizza. It’s about dialing back your ideas but keeping that creative spark.

We’d always end up with a truly unique offer and when looked at as a complete bundle with the top line product it becomes incredibly attractive to the consumer.

Most of your competition is trying to play by a standard rulebook of what an offer is “suppose” to look like. Throw that away. Be different.

Even if you don’t think your offer is objectively better you’ll still come off as new and exciting.

Graduating Your Product Or Service To An Offer

One of the first things I ask my audience when I’m speaking is to solemnly swear to me that they will no longer sell products and services but instead, offers.

Then I instruct them to survey their customers about what they’re struggling with.

From there they need to take that feedback and figure out what does that customer believe to be true about the world that led them to hold that belief.

It may be completely surprising to have this level of information revealed to you, but it’s the secret to constructing your next offer.

Everything we have in our lives stems from our beliefs conveyed through the stories we tell ourselves. It’s the same deal for how your customers operate in your market.

If you can tell a story that takes them on the path to changing their beliefs then you’ll be earning yourself a customer for life.

Action Steps

  1. Enter ‘the crazy zone” when constructing offers, allow for every zany idea.
  2. Dial back your ideas to be more in line with reality.
  3. Ask you customers to tell you what they’re struggling with.
  4. Analyze this feedback to figure out what your market believes to be true.
  5. Create offers that shift these beliefs if they buy into your product or service.


Result You Will Achieve

Offers that convert higher for your business by dreaming big and being different than the rest of your market.

Mentor: Steve Larsen

Sales Funnel Builder of ClickFunnels. Steve gives 1M sales funnels to help companies handle the “techie” side.

This article is based on an EHQ interview with the mentor.