Having a lead magnet on your site is one of the most proven methods to increase email opt-in conversions. There’s really no excuse for not having one these days when you think about it.

Even a bad lead magnet is better than none in most cases. At least with a “bad” lead magnet you can track the analytics and begin to make improvements. If you ignore lead magnets all together you’re simply throwing money in the trash can. Don’t do that.

Simple Is Fine. Seriously.

Here’s an easy and also sneaky way to create a shockingly simple and effective lead magnet from your blog.

Now, I’m assuming you’ve been using Google Analytics or another tool to track blog analytics. If you’re not doing this you need to literally stop reading this email and get Google Analytics set up right now.

Ok, everyone who’s still reading has been tracking their blog analytics right? Good!

Now take a look at which of your posts over the last year has been the most popular. And if you have years of blog data take a look at your “all time greatest hits.”

The Ready-Made Lead Magnet

This is your ultra-simple and sneaky lead magnet right here.

Yes, you got it. Repackage that blog content into a lead magnet your audience has already verified over time. It’s not like every single visitor, especially a first time visitor, to your blog has dived into your archives to read your best stuff. They might not even stick around to read the post that brought them to your site.

But you can grab them with the gift of your best content wrapped up in a nice pdf file. Or perhaps develop your content into an email sequence, up to you.

The point is you don’t need to overthink your lead magnet. You don’t need to dive into content creation, and you don’t need to do anything “special.” Of course you can go above and beyond, but to get started you may just want a lead magnet that works and one you can get onto your website in a jif.

You don’t even need to go fancy with the design, a simple word doc or pdf is ok. And if you want to dress it up a bit, Canva and Gimp are great free tools to get started with.

Overall, I’m a fan of shorter lead magnets. If you’re giving away a 200 page ebook, they might not ever finish it and will eventually forget about you. It’s a balancing act between providing valuable content and something that leads to an immediate result.

Other Easy Lead Magnets

Here’s a couple of other lead magnet ideas that you can get up on your site by the end of the day.

Checklists – What annoying task can you organize for your customer?
Coupons – Easy-peasy if you are a retailer.
Video – If you provide video content, give them a preview of your most valuable content.
Free Report – Use freely available industry statistics that point to why they should buy into your product or service.

Any of these options can work for your site, just pick one and run with it. No more excuses!

Action Steps

  1. Check your Google Analytics for your most read content.
  2. Repackage your most read content into a PDF.
  3. Repeat for your top 3 most read content.

Bonus: Use Canva to make it look more presentable.

Result You Will Achieve

3 proven lead magnets for your website.

Mentor: Kristi Hines

Founder at Kristi Hines Media LLC – freelance writer, professional blogger, and ghostwriter helping businesses develop high-quality blog content, eBooks, and lead magnets.

This article is based on an EHQ interview with the mentor.