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Travis Ketchum

Best Contest Prizes Ever To Generate More Sales

Dec 11, 2018

Contesting The Conventional Contest After I graduated college I got my first job working for a digital education company. However, cubicle life wasn’t for me and I soon went off on my own to work with clients. I was helping them build funnels and buy ads, I had traded my

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Andre Chaperon

How To Improve Email Deliverability Rates With A Filter

Dec 11, 2018

You Can Send An Email, Or You Can Tell A Story I’ve been doing this online marketing thing full-time since 2003. I use story-powered email as the delivery vehicle to get my message out to an audience in a way that resonates with them. I do this using the power

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Bob Sparkins

3 Proven Lead Magnets To Build Your Email List

Oct 09, 2018

On Generating Leads I help marketers understand and leverage seemingly complicated marketing technologies to reach and appeal to their audiences. Lead generation can be pretty complicated and isn’t something everybody gets right, especially if they are in the early stages of digital marketing. I love showing people how to build

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Joanna Weibe

The Email Popup Design That Grows Your List By 100+ Per Day

Feb 28, 2020

Not All Copywriters Write To Convert… But They Should Copywriting is one of the best places to invest your energy – if you want to grow your business through email marketing. Most of the writing you see online is meant to get you to take some action or another. In

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