Meaningful Engagement Is In!

I’m a co-founder of the Josh app, and I’ve always been interested in how messages are conveyed and received.

I used to work as a ghostwriter and I’ve written fiction books as well so I’m familiar with storytelling and how to make sure you’re understood.

These days attention spans are shorter than ever and video is the only medium that can really keep up with the average consumer.

Meaningful engagement is the best way to gauge how you’re landing with an audience and the more interactive you can make your video products, the better.

Interactive videos can be used for a range of marketing purposes from lead generation to surveying.

It’s great for winnowing down your audience into specific segments that you can market to differently.

Interactivity also gives you a much greater range of analytics to study when you go to improve your strategy. These are just a few of the uses, they’re many others when you start getting into the more advanced techniques.

Using lead generation as an example, there’s a lot you can do to get more information about the quality of that lead.

First, you have to get clear on what data you want to solicit from them, but ideally, you want to qualify them and handle any objections throughout the process.

With traditional video, there’s a call to action at the end of the video, with interactive video you can throw out a CTA every few seconds and it’s effective. This is because you’re asking a question and your viewer can respond to you instantly by clicking on the answer.

This then leads them to another prompt from the video or another video segment. With lead generation they’re entering information through the video. This is what we mean by “meaningful engagement.”

With this style of interaction, the prospect is empowered to participate in the conversation.

On the text side, my company either produces the content in-house or clients come to us with content ready to go.

Not everyone wants the same look and feel to their content but underneath what you see in the video works a lot like a mind map.

Throughout the whole entire process, we’re recording every action the user is taking on the video in terms of clicks and engagement. It’s definitely comparable to a choose-your-own-adventure story.

The levels of engagement with interactive video are so strong that by the time prospects get to the end of the funnel they’re completely enrolled with your sales message.

From here you can get them onto a live chat with a salesperson and move to that next step immediately.

Doing surveying with interactive videos works well, and when paired with a free report such as a lead magnet it’s a great one-two combination.

Since attention spans are dwindling interactive video works to make a more streamlined process for lead gen.

Getting this deeper level of customer insight means you can target your follow up material specifically catered towards their needs.

This leads to stronger leads and better customer relationships.


Action Steps

  1. Create interactive videos that are responsive to customers based on how they respond to survey questions.
  2. Have videos prepared for every answer in the mind map your content is based upon.
  3. Track your customer engagement on the backend.
  4. Follow up with a targeted message based on how they responded during the interactive video.


Result You Will Achieve

Engaged leads and a better relationship with your customers.

Mentor: Summer Felix

Co-Founder of The Draw Shop. Summer Felix and her company has worked with some of the top industry leaders in the world. From Google, Twitter, Bloomberg, and more.

This article is based on an EHQ interview with the mentor.