What’s Your Life Story? Don’t Worry, I Got Time

My brand is called Message To Millions, and that’s exactly what is it.

I help coaches, speakers, and other business owners take their life story and message and use it to serve others. I show them how to turn these messages into revenue streams like consulting, speaking on stages, and releasing products online.

I love my work because it has a real impact on the world. In my own life, I tell my own life story as a one-man show where I play 15 different characters. I’ve been performing it regularly and it fits into my business perfectly.

My life has been a journey of figuring out what I love to do and then living into it fully.

In the work that I do, there’s often fear around setting a big goal. I know I’ve experienced it personally. The higher our responsibility level rises the bigger the goals we need to take on. Most people give themselves too much time regarding deadlines.

They’ll waste time and end up cramming the work in later on. You might as well set tight deadlines that keep you activated.


My Four Step Process To Taking On Audacious Goals

My ideal is to be in motion on my goals from the moment I put them on paper until the moment they’re achieved.

A few years ago I underwent my first ever online launch , and I really wanted to knock it out of the park.

I aimed to hit seven figures. I know some people would think that’s too aggressive for a first launch, but I knew I could do it.

Step One – Study Best Practices

The first thing I did was I spent time studying the industry leaders to learn best practices. There’s so much you can learn when you only study the best.

From there, I set this goal that I knew would be a massive challenge to me as well as the market itself.

Step Two – Steel Your Mind For Success

When I announce my goal I do so with absolute confidence. I act as if my goal has already been achieved. This is key and it’s what puts me into a mental place where I’m willing to do anything to ensure I hit that goal. (Ethically, of course.)

Doubts and uncertainty might creep in but maintaining a mindset that your goal “is done” always propels me forward.

With my launch, we didn’t have the proper resources available. But by having our goal in mind we were able to reverse engineer what it’d take to be successful and then created a plan to gather those resources together.

Step Three – Gather Resources And A Team

I asked myself, “What is it I did need to know that I don’t now? And “who is it that I need to know that I don’t know?

Then I picked up the phone and decided to interview all my friends who’ve done over a million in launches and asked them who else I need to speak with.

Step Four – Follow The Right Formula

There’s an element of “textbook” formulas that you need to know in order to be successful. You can’t and shouldn’t reinvent the wheel every step of the way!

I didn’t know anything about launch formulas myself, so I hired an expert to provide that structure.

With this mindset and tactic, my launch went on to surpass my goal and my own expectations.

So stay activated and keep on setting big goals!


Action Steps

  1. Look at the best practices in achieving your goal from others who’ve already been successful in creating the outcome you want.
  2. Begin with the end in mind, and act as if achieving your goal has already happened, 100%.
  3. Gather resources and a strong team, ask yourself “what is it I need to know, that I don’t know?” and “Who is it I need to know, that I don’t know?” and take action from the answers.
  4. Follow a formula for success that makes sense for your space, don’t go in without a replicable plan.


Result You Will Achieve

Massive results by setting and achieving bigger goals than you ever have before!

Mentor: Ted McGrath

CEO at Ted McGrath Brands. He has created 5 household brands and made millions teaching coaches, speakers, and service based business owners how to turn their life story and life experience into a lucrative business that impacts millions and makes millions.

This article is based on an EHQ interview with the mentor.