Embracing The Power Of Instagram

I was able to go from having basically 0 Instagram followers to over 500k in a relatively short period of time of about 15 months.

In the past, I’ve been able to gain 10,000 followers in just a few weeks thanks to having really strong lead magnets that draw people in.

I wrote a very large ebook on the topic of self-control.

It really took off and I received over 400 opt-ins within the first few hours.

That was exciting!

That kind of powerful rapid growth doesn’t tend to happen on Facebook.

Whenever I release a product on Facebook the returns come in drips and drabs. It’s not motivating.

On Instagram when you have a hit it can change your outlook on your marketing quite fast.

For me, it’s all about how much value I’m providing on the platform.

One of the ways I’m able to do this is through my captions.

I try to be as real as possible and I talk about what struggles I’ve experienced and it’s highly relatable.

The deeper an emotional connection you can create with your audience the more likely it is that they’ll share your message.

However, I never really go about encouraging other people to tag their friends.

I don’t like the idea of telling other people what to do.

I like to go back through my books and the tools and strategies I like to talk about but give them new stories that relate to something currently affecting my life.

I also post a lot of inspirational quotes and images.

Often times I’ll repeat images and for my followers, this doesn’t seem to bother them.

I realize that the more emotional my content is the more likes I’ll draw to the post.

When my captions really dial in on a story that resonates my post engagement metrics will skyrocket.

There’s massive value in this and it’s one of the keys to being seen as likable to an audience.

If my content isn’t valuable then there’s no way the audience is going to follow me off the platform.

I did a ton of research on creating my lead magnet to ensure that I was producing something that people really wanted.

What also made my lead magnet incredibly popular was that my strategies could be applied directly to their day to day lives. That was powerful.

When I release a new post that’s offering a lead magnet I’ll typically post it 2-3 times a day leaving the post up for several hours each time. This is how I get the most bang for my buck with the content.

I don’t say too much in my captions but I do let them know to link on my bio link to follow up.

When you get it right, the results are disproportionate to when your offer isn’t quite right so it’s worth it to take your time and build a valuable product.


Action Steps

  1. Research your lead magnet thoroughly before creating it.
  2. Once your lead magnet is ready for the market post it on Instagram.
  3. Post it 2 to 3 times a day and leave the posts up for several hours each.
  4. Link to your landing page in your account bios and use your caption text as a CTA.


Result You Will Achieve

Power lead magnets that drive traffic and followers to your page that can become email subscribers.

Mentor: Mark Iron

Mindset Mentor at Mark Iron Consulting. Mark Iron quickly built a list, grew an organic reach with little advertising and network with the influencers on Instagram.

This article is based on an EHQ interview with the mentor.