My Video Licensing Strategy That’s Helped My Brand Go Viral

I’ve been in the e-commerce space for 19 years now. I was 17 when I started, and wow, that makes me feel a bit old! I’ve always been an entrepreneur and I’ve never had a boss, which is cool!

Now I have my own agency and I help entrepreneurs of all stripes. Video has been a big part of my success.

When I was building my audience, I’d create a lot of walkthrough videos to show how new products worked and they were quite popular. Running an e-commerce business often appears faceless, so I would create videos that introduced the team behind the websites I worked with to put a more human face on the company. This improved likeability and trust. which ultimately increased revenues.

I want to share a simple video marketing strategy with you that’s really easy to execute.

Find a viral video that already exists – we’re talking in the millions of views. Reach out to the person who owns that video and try to license it from them.

Be prepared to pay them for their footage of course. I explain my offer as such: we’re helping them get more exposure, which will be good for their brand as well. This works to give us credibility with our audience and drives engagement.

We encourage our audience to share the video and to tag their friends. This can work in any niche, but you have to have compelling content to start with.


How To Find And Get Permission For The Internets Best Content

Simply go onto Youtube and search for videos with the greatest amount of views. For example, if you run a page about cats doing crazy stuff, you can search for cat videos that are extremely popular.

From there you can reach out to the owner of that account and ask them for permission to use their video. You can, of course, go ahead and repost it anyway without permission but that can have some nasty consequences like having your account shut down.

I’ve seen people get away with it, but you never know – so do so at your own risk!

Most accounts will have their contact information available and where to get in touch if you want to license a video. Some people are happy to share their videos for free but don’t expect that to always be the case. When I do pay it’s usually just a few hundred bucks.

You don’t need a formal contract. An agreement over email is typically sufficient.

Once you have the content secured you post the video back to your Facebook page and connect the link out back to your website. I embed my videos directly into Facebook – there’s no need to link it back to a Youtube page. Facebook has significantly improved as a video platform over the last several years and will be seen as a major competitor to Youtube in the coming years.

Since you know the content you’re posting is viral you can expect a healthy amount of engagement right away. This is good for your organic SEO on Facebook and building your clout on the platform.


Action Steps

  1. Search for viral content on Youtube that fits into your niche or marketing.
  2. Contact the owner of that content and ask if you license their video.
  3. Be prepared to pay them or work out a fair trade.
  4. Post your content onto your Facebook page and link it to your website/offer.
  5. Enjoy your viral success!


Result You Will Achieve

Drive traffic and engagement by leveraging other’s viral videos.

Mentor: Paul Warren

Founder & CEO at Insiteful. Paul Warren has been in the online marketing space for almost 19 years now. He know what works!

This article is based on an EHQ interview with the mentor.
an EHQ interview with the mentor.