Have you ever been in a situation where months have gone by and you still have not received a response from a lead you’ve contacted. You send follow up after follow up with a simple email subject. Something along the lines of “I am just following up.”

Perhaps you get a little anxious and try something obviously cheesy or tacky that doesn’t quite send the right message.

This clearly isn’t the best way to salvage a relationship with your leads!

Rekindle Your Prospects At Scale – Automation and Relationship Building

These lame duck attempts at following up with prospective leads are impersonal and inauthentic. You need to approach your leads with a well thought out strategy.

Here’s my favorite method: start by automating the process by turning your best performing emails into templates. Make the templates based off relevant information that addresses the needs of the prospect.

The right email template will address both the needs of your client and your business. You need to address what they want out of a relationship with you in the body of the email.

To put it simply, you want to give them a compelling reason that shows you can make a difference in their business.

So How Does This Look On An Email Template?

Well depending on the situation you will need to explore several different approaches to your templates, here are a few that I recommend:

  • You meet a new client and use either a business or personal detail. For example, if you know they love golf, then you can use that detail to ignite a conversation. Automate and bring this strategy to scale by using that detail as a changeable data point in your template.
  • Schedule a webinar, then send out an email. By hosting a webinar that is related to your services you can create an attractive event that will reignite interest and create further opportunities.
  • You tell the prospect that you are closing their file and if they want to stay connected they need to reconfirm remaining on your list. This will attract prospects who are truly interested, but only use this one near the end of your email sequence.

All of these options give a compelling reason for a prospect to respond to your services; they take into account the needs and desires of your client.

So that’s it?


Dull follow up emails that lack a compelling reason for your prospect to respond will never revive those near-dead prospects. Especially when time has passed, and they’ve gone cold. You need to change it up and do some research on their needs.

Then, go and create an email template that gives them a real reason to respond. Go ahead, give it a try!

Action Steps

  1. Segment leads that you have received little to no responses from.
  2. Do some detective work on your prospects, without being too invasive. Some questions for thought are.
    – What industry are they in?
    – What hobbies have they posted on their professional social accounts?
    – Where is there a clear intersection of their needs and the services you provide?
    – Any big changes in their industry?
  3. Pick a strategy from one of the three template ideas above.
  4. Go for it. Scale and Automate it for consistent results.

Bonus: The more compelling and useful to your client, the better.

Result You Will Achieve

Reach leads that have gone cold then replicate and automate for your entire list.

Mentor: Sapph Li

Founder of Art of Emails. Sapph Li shares proven cold email and sales email templates at Art of Emails based on 500+ successful emails and campaigns.

This article is based on an EHQ interview with the mentor.