You Can Send An Email, Or You Can Tell A Story

I’ve been doing this online marketing thing full-time since 2003. I use story-powered email as the delivery vehicle to get my message out to an audience in a way that resonates with them.

I do this using the power of storytelling, paired with email automation that delivers the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

It works really well, and you don’t have to be a world-class writer. Companies like Mindvalley and Digital Marketer have adopted my approach into how they send email.

Even today, where social media activities seem to dominate everyone’s focus, email is still the Killer App. And I don’t see this changing for a long time. It’s personal. It’s one to one. It’s not going away anytime soon.

Email has changed a lot over the past decade. From the technology we use to get our emails out into the world, to the other side of that coin , email deliverability.

If our emails never hit the intended inboxes, that’s not good for us, or the people we seek to serve.

In an effort to combat spam and irrelevance, email service providers like Google (Gmail) and Microsoft (Outlook) have complexed email filtering AI-powered algorithms between sender and recipient.  
Unfortunately these rules can sometimes hurt legitimate marketers like us.

One strategy that I use is that on my Thank You pages for new opt-ins (or new customers after product purchases) I’ll have an image or video that walks them through how to create a filter to get my emails directly in their primary inbox.

Because Google (Gmail) has the largest market share, I focus on that. The filter I ask people to set up is actually quite simple.  
I ask them to go into Gmail and create a filter to send any email from “my domain name dot com” to never go to spam. Within the filter I ask them to check the following:

  1. [Check] Apply the label: (then name it)
  2. [Check] Never send it to Spam
  3. [Check] Categorize as: (select: Personal)
  4. [Check] Also apply filter to matching conversations.


Action Steps

  1. Add instructions to your opt-in Thank You page that outlines how to set up the email filter (a video works well).
  2. Ask customers to create a filter for all emails from your root domain or email address.
  3. Explain to customers the value of doing this from their perspective.


Result You Will Achieve

People you serve never miss an email from you – ever!

Mentor: Andre Chaperon

Email marketer of Autoresponder Madness. Andre Chaperon is the Email marketer & entrepreneur – visionary & email follow-up sequence expert with customers such as Frank Kern, Ryan Levesque and Jeff Walker. Made $77,000 from an affiliate promotion from a list of only 2,058 people.

This article is based on an EHQ interview with the mentor.