The Problem With Traditional Marketing Copy

Traditional marketing copy can often be described as sensational. It is exaggerated, using a lot of big adjectives and words to make up for the one thing that the writing itself is lacking.  
A guiding idea. A BIG IDEA.

What do I mean by a Big Idea? I mean an idea that guides your messaging. Without it, your messaging will simply be ineffective.

Think about the most successful marketing campaigns, they have a core message… a Big Idea that serves as the guiding hand for their copy.  
If copy does not have a big idea, it will appear as unfocused. I will show you how to craft your big marketing idea, and teach you a repeatable process.


How To Create Your Big Idea

So, a big marketing idea consists of two parts. First, it has to be compelling emotionally and intellectually interesting.

In order to make the message emotionally compelling you need to use these two components:

  • Have a primary promise. The primary promise should address a prospect’s concern of “how are you going to change my life.” Think of the biggest benefit that would cause large scale changes in your prospect’s life that your service could offer.
  • Identify the unique mechanism in your service or product that will deliver their wanted result.


Your Primary Promise And Your Unique Mechanism

The reason why these two factors create the first piece of your big marketing idea is the following. You are promising to make a change in their lives with this unique identifier.

If you chose something in your product that was not unique it’s not going to work.

The unique mechanism is going to deliver on the primary promise in a way that no one else can.

An example of a unique mechanism would be a proprietary blend that you gave a special name for in a nutritional supplement. Now combine that with the primary promise.

You get: I will help you lose 40 pounds using this proprietary blend. That is the primary promise and unique mechanism working together.

Breaking New: You Need To Attract Your Prospect’s Intellect

Now the second component is that the idea needs to be intellectually interesting. It should excite the prospect in the same way a breaking news segment would grab somebody’s attention.

In order to make something intellectually stimulating you need to have the following criteria:

Using our proprietary blend example for a nutritional supplement, the messaging would be something like, “Breaking News! Double blind study shows that our newly discovered blend of ancient ayurvedic ingredients from the Himalayas is proven to reduce body fat by 20% in those studied in 1 month.”

It is new and different because I am framing the proprietary blend as “recently discovered.” The results are also easy to understand, “20% fat loss in 1 month.” Very straightforward.

These two components combined create a strong marketing idea. An emotionally compelling message that delivers a primary promise using a unique mechanism.

Then, frame the message as something intellectually interesting meaning, different, new, and easily to understand.

This process for building your marketing idea is repeatable across all your products and launches. You can use it to create a different message every time so that your business can continue making profit as you grow.

Action Steps

  1. Write down the primary promise of your messaging.
  2. Write down the unique mechanism in your product that delivers on the primary promise. Make sure it is something different or new.
  3. Frame the message like a news story. It should follow the criteria of an intellectually interesting message as described above.


Result You Will Achieve

A repeatable method for crafting big marketing ideas that will make your copy more effective.

Mentor: Todd Brown

Founder of Marketing Funnel Automation. Todd is the foremost authority on engineering high-conversion customer acquisition marketing funnels.

This article is based on an EHQ interview with the mentor.