Simple changes

When I am working I often look for places in my funnel where I can make things better and come up with new processes. I have been doing this for years, and I get excited just talking about it.

One day I noticed one thing in particular, I had trouble maintaining a list that was plagued by fake email addresses. I looked at my opt-in form on my website and I stared at it for a long time. Then I filled in the form and did a walkthrough of my opt-in process. I entered my information and was promptly re-directed to my Thank You page. Then it hit me.

My Thank You page was dull, and boring. That’s how I had described it. However my cruddy “Thank You Page” also presented an opportunity. By optimizing this simple “Thank You” page you can increase your generated revenue, clean up your email list, and increase open rates for future emails.


First Steps

The first thing you need to do, is to make sure after your lead gives away their email to you, you direct them to a Thank You page. Simple! But then you have to ensure that you send the deliverable they opted-in for to their inbox. Let’s break the process down step by step.

Thank You Page

In this process, it is extremely important that you acknowledge two things to your prospect. One, that you notify them that the deliverable you promised is being sent to their email. Two, that you acknowledge and thank them for giving away their email address.

By doing this you are giving them instant feedback that they will be getting an email from you. You need to reassure them that their email will be safe with you and not abused. At this stage, you can optimize the page for tracking, since a thank you page in this instance is a great place to track changes in email sign ups.

Give Them A Bonus

The next thing you will want to add to your “Thank You” page is some bonus training. The purpose is to over deliver on the expectations that you initially set with your first opt in promise.

This bonus training should be closely related to the information that your email subscribers had opted-in for. If the content can be construed as unrelated you risk hurting your reputation.

For the bonus training, I recommend making a VSL (video sales letter), try to make it 8 to 15 minutes long. Don’t use YouTube, rather use a professional video service like Vimeo instead. It will give you an extra layer of privacy, and make sure your videos are unlisted.

Delivery Page

Finally, on your delivery email make sure that you reiterate a message that your service will solve your subscribers problem. You then will present the link to the delivery page. That’s it.

By redirecting your opt-in process through a Thank You page you are giving your business more opportunities for future profit, better list health, increased trust, and an increase on open rates for your email series.

Action Steps

  1. Make sure your opt-in process re-directs your traffic to a Thank You page.
  2. On the Thank You page, acknowledge that you are sending an email to your prospect and acknowledge the fact that they have given you their email address and reassure them that you won’t abuse it. This builds trust.
  3. Offer bonus training on the Thank You page. Make sure that is related to the content they originally opted-in for.
  4. In your email, reiterate to the prospect your value and mention any further emails you might send them in the future.


Result You Will Achieve

An opt-in process that will lead to increased revenue, better list health, and more email subscribers.

Mentor: Mike Killen

Founder of Sell Your Service. Mike taught over 2000 funnel builders how to build and sell funnels.

This article is based on an EHQ interview with the mentor.