Publicity? Later

That’s often what I hear when discussing the power of a PR strategy with small business owners. They usually treat publicity as something they know is important to growing their business but also above their weight class.  
They never felt ready and they’re all too eager to put it off until they’ve first accomplished other goals. They want to finish their book or hit another milestone in their business.

What I tell them is that publicity is all about getting other people excited about their work. So excited that they’re converted to becoming new fans and lend their platform to your vision.

This can give you access to an exponentially larger audience than you have achieved on your own.

When we’re talking about publicity we’re thinking traditional print and media like magazines and TV, but now there’s also a whole new world of online publicity. This means podcasts, guest posts, as well as influencer email newsletters, and many more new opportunities.

Publicity is absolutely a strategy you can use to leverage your current output, but you have to employ a coherent strategy – you can’t just utilize PR haphazardly.

Here are a few things you want to do right away:

Update Your Bio

In an ideal world, you’ll have at least three media hits of places you’ve been featured.

Take the ones that are most well known and relevant to your brand. For the B2B space, Forces, Inc., and Business Insider are all great ones. You also want to start working these platforms into your introductions if you’re giving a talk as they help build the credibility of your own brand.

Update Your Website

Similarly, you want to update your website to include these media logos. Try to place these logos near where you want your visitors to take some sort of action.

No one is going to know you’ve had these features unless you’re putting them out there front and center!  
You don’t necessarily have to include the direct links to these stories, the title and website are often enough. Sometimes stories become outdated fast, and other times they may remain evergreen, so it’s a matter of personal choice.  

Include The Publicity In Your Email Sequence

It’s a good idea to show off your publicity pieces in your email nurture sequence.  
This is for contacts who are new to your list and your brand, it’s a good idea to get the relationship off to the right start but showing them that you are an authority in your space.

Publicity, after all, is a form of content marketing.

Go On Podcasts Pre-Launch

I recommend getting on podcasts pre-launch. If you’re selling via a webinar funnel you can actually add in your podcasts to the funnel as additional features for your audience to spend time with.

I’ve had clients tell me it was these podcasts that helped them get to know me on a deeper level and in turn made them feel comfortable enough to invest in my paid programs.


Action Steps

  1. Update your online bios to include your top 3 media hits based on relevancy to your industry.
  2. Add the logos to your media features on your website, place them in proximity to the CTA.
  3. Add in your publicity features to your email nurture sequence to build up your credibility with your list.
  4. When you’re ready for a launch to seek out podcast interview opportunities and add them into your funnel to increase trust with your audience.


Result You Will Achieve

Techniques to leverage your publicity so you can build brand credibility, maximize exposure, and build stronger customer relationships.

Mentor: Selena Soo

Creator of Impacting Millions. Selena is a publicity and marketing strategist for visionary entrepreneurs, experts and authors who want to reach millions with their message.

This article is based on an EHQ interview with the mentor.