The Easiest Way To Capture More Landing Page Traffic

Today I want to talk to you about the best practices and strategies for creating effective landing pages.

I’m already modeling one of them right now.

I call it “Relevance.” (I’m actually going to use a lot of my best practices in this email, spot them if you can!)

Capturing high quality traffic is an investment for any business. Think about it, remember when your business had zero sales or conversions?

You’d literally do anything to boost your Google ranking. And if you’re still working on growing traffic pay close attention because I’m trying to save you time and money here!

The headline on your landing page is not the place to get fancy or try to be clever. It’s the place to be straightforward and specific.

You want your prospect to know that they’ve come to the right place. Fail to do this and you risk losing a huge portion of your incoming traffic.

This doesn’t just include your copy but also the imagery you use too. Don’t throw in a picture of a lightning bolt if you’re an electrician. Save the metaphors for another day.

Instead, you want to immediately assure your prospect that they made the right decision and your business is exactly what they’ve been looking for.  

Landing Pages As Sales Prep

Now the landing page is your online surrogate for an in-store salesperson. With this in mind you want to be able to answer the 3 most common questions that come up about your business right off the bat.

When you speak from this place of preparation it creates trust since your business appears to really “get” where your audience is coming from including their fears and sticking points.

We used this technique with a client at my company, Disruptive Advertising, and it led to a 43% jump in conversions.

The client in this case was an adoption agency, so you have to understand how important creating trust was for them. Perhaps your business doesn’t get down to a personal level like that, but whenever money is at stake trust is crucial.

Indicate Social Proof

Along the same vein, another way to increase the degree of trust and comfort your business creates is with indicators of social proof. You can do this with key metrics like the size of your business, the amount of time you’ve been operating, or impressive results you’ve achieved for past clients.

Written and video testimonials also go a long way, the more the better.

If you can help your prospects see that people just like them are already your customers and you’ve solved their problems then they will be that much more likely to convert from your landing page.

A Strong Call To Action

The last point I want to bring up is creating a strong call to action.

This is where you make your ask and close out your argument on why your business is the answer they’ve been looking for. This is also where you may want to add in any buying incentives you may offer like a discount or bonus for enrolling with you.

These are just a few of the techniques I use when working with clients, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Action Steps

  1. Write down the 3 most common questions you’re asked by prospects.
  2. Next to the questions, write your most complete answers.
  3. Weave your answers into your sales page.


Result You Will Achieve

A landing page that gives the impression your business really “gets” your prospect’s fears and sticking points.

Mentor: Allison Otting

Lead UI Designer at Disruptive Advertising, clients have even seen up to a 752% increase in lead volume of company’s landing page testing and paid-search management.

This article is based on an EHQ interview with the mentor.