Join Jason Osborn’s “LinkedIn L.E.A.D.S.” training program through my affiliate link…

…and get my massive bonus package worth $13,000

Join Jason Osborn’s “LinkedIn L.E.A.D.S.” training program through my affiliate link…

…and get my massive bonus package worth $13,000


1-on-1 Coaching with me: How to Add 1,000s to Your Email List in 3 Months or Less ($5,000 value)

Extremely limited bonus only available to the first 5 who purchase with my link – I don’t offer this coaching session anywhere else, so this is a truly unique opportunity.
A 45-minute 1-on-1 coaching session with Liam Austin where we focus on you and your dream business.

I’ll show you how my email-list building and authority establishing strategies can build on Jason’s training to ensure you get to where you want to be – faster.


The Million Dollar Referral Strategy: how to build high impact relationships with the right partners ($2,000 value)

Limited bonus only available to the first 10 who purchase with my link
My superpower? My ability to build close relationships with the right, high-level people.

I’ve found this to be key in growing my business, and know this is true for the biggest people in your niche too.

Throughout my career, I’ve finetuned my strategies to reach out to, and nurture referral partnerships.

During this session, I’ll teach you my secrets for you to replicate into your business to get clients.


Podcast Guesting To Build Authority and Supercharge Your Reach ($1,000 value)

I know Jason recommends leveraging podcasts to build your authority and reach.

How do I know? Because I’ve gone through his program (spoiler: it’s amazing).

Now, you might be wondering:

– How do I get invited to podcasts?
– How can I make sure I’m a great podcast interviewee?
– What can I do to leverage my appearance into more clients?

I’ve got the answers and can give you the tactics and templates you need to make being a podcast guest bring you clients. In this session, you’ll learn it all.


Your Client Attracting Coaching Summit: the most effective way to generate warm coaching leads, build authority and relationships with influencers ($1,000 value)

Jason says in the training that you should create your own event, as it’s one of the best ways to build your email list fast and be seen as an expert, plus the audience bonds with you. All this leads to higher quality prospects.

Now for many, I’m known as the guy who runs – and teaches others – how to create high impact virtual events.

I’m pretty sure I’ve got more hands-on experience in this than anyone else in the market, having run 16 virtual summits myself in the past 4 years, making me 6-figures, again and again…

Hundreds of students have gone through my summit training, and I’ve made one big observation: the people who see the BEST results from a summit, are coaches.

In this hands-on module, I’ll take you through how you can supercharge your client attraction by creating your own Virtual Summit that will also build authority and create relationships with influencers in your niche.

All whilst creating high-quality content you can make money off well into the future. You’ll go through this training and think: Why didn’t I do a summit earlier!


The Lead Generating Machine: how to create high-performing lead magnets + opt-in pages ($1,000 value)

A great lead magnet is a trust builder. It’s a value-providing tease of what you could offer your prospective clients.

A bad lead magnet, on the other hand, can damage your reputation and rapport.

Crafting the right magnet to get clients can be tricky unless you have a proven formula for the lead magnet as well as it’s opt-in page.

Get it right, and you’ve created a lead-generating machine. In this mini-course, I’ll teach you how.


LinkedIn Authority Builder: 35 step-by-step sessions on how to generate new clients through the most powerful social media platform for businesses ($1,000 value)

LinkedIn can be one of your biggest sources of qualified coaching clients.

With the right strategies this is the social network that will yield the best results – but are you maximizing the results?

In this bonus you get 35 expert mentor sessions where big-name entrepreneurs share their #1 strategy to leverage LinkedIn.


Email Marketing Power Strategies: 43 proven-to-work email marketing strategies showing that email marketing is far from dead, but the most powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal ($1,000 value)

Email marketing is cost effective, personal, customizable, action orientated, measurable and fantastic for customer acquisition.

No matter what you’ve heard, email marketing isn’t dead. Jason and I believe your list is your biggest asset for getting clients.

In this bonus you’ll get on-demand access to 43 video speaker sessions led by email marketing experts, authors, proven entrepreneurs and industry influencers sharing their proven-to-work email marketing strategies.


Trust Building Content Mastery: level up your personal branding, thought leadership and authentic selling by implementing the content marketing strategies needed to get clients ($1,000 value)

Content marketing is key for any coach looking to become a respected thought leader in their niche.

But it can be hard to know where, and how to start creating the right content for your goals.

Inside the ‘Trust-Building Content Mastery’ you’ll have 24 carefully selected world-class entrepreneurs teach you the step-by-step strategies you need to leverage the power of content marketing.

Set yourself up with a strategy that gets clients by sharing valuable, relevant content to your specific audience.


Liam’s LinkedIn L.E.A.D.S. Notes: downloadable PDF with highlights and key takeaways from the ‘LinkedIn L.E.A.D.S.’ program

Want to check out my personal highlights and favorite key takeaways from Jason’s training?

With this bonus, you’ll get access to my set of notes from going through the full training.

That’s a huge $13,000 worth of bonuses to help you maximize your impact in your niche…

on TOP of the $33,133 in products, coaching and bonuses you’ll get from Jason when you join today!

Still on the fence? Let’s talk!

I only share things with your that I truly believe could change your business – and whole life.
If you’re unsure if the ‘LinkedIn L.E.A.D.S.’ is right for you, I’d love to discuss.

Email me on: [email protected], and I’ll get right back to you.