100% of business through email

I was able to build a 7-figure business in 11 months, but disclaimer, my results are not typical. The 11 months don’t count the 12 years I spent before that learning from trial and error with different business models.  
I had a great time working for my agency clients, but when I struck out on my own I was mostly interested in email marketing.

I wanted a business I could run well with a small team and that would fit with the lifestyle I wanted to live as an entrepreneur.

100% of my business now comes in through email.

It’s all about providing value before you chat with someone over the phone.

This allows me to better qualify leads and only spend my time talking to the right people.

Size doesn’t matter

The size of your list doesn’t matter nearly as much as the quality.  

Far too many people have huge lists that aren’t very valuable per member. For me, the biggest key to success with your list is knowing what your subscribers primary challenge is and then providing a solution.

A lot of people love Jeff Walker’s Sideways Launch video sequence. This is where you will send out a new video every day, up until your call to action on launch day.

This can be great, but what if they never watch that first video you sent out?

Do you send them the second video? Hell no! They’re not going to watch it. The real question is how do you get them to engage with the first email you sent?

What I see a lot of entrepreneurs doing is offer out cruddy content.

If the content you’re providing doesn’t give tons of value, then see you later – no one is going to engage with your materials.  
However, you can track exactly where in your videos viewers dropped off and trigger a follow up letting them know that you know they didn’t watch the full video.

I then send them a much shorter, 2-minute video because I know two things about this prospect: they are interested, but they are also busy. This is where a lot of people miss out. They forget to nurture their leads at every step in the process.

It’s a mouthful, but it works

It’s all about helping people as much as you can. All my campaigns have contingencies for each milestone.

How prospects engage directs how I profile them going forward in the campaign. I started using a technique I invented called “progressive profiling thank you pages.

I know that’s a mouthful but here’s how it works: on the thank you page after someone opt-ins I ask them what their business role is. Are they an agency owner, a freelancer, or a marketing professional? I then tag them as such. I go on to ask what their revenue levels are and a few other pieces of info that I’m looking for.

This is the number one best time to do lead segmentation – right after the opt-in and before they are sent their materials.

This is because your leads will think they need to fill out this data in order to complete the opt-in. I am pulling around a 94% conversion on my segmentation data.

This process gives me all the information I need to market to that specific person and only show them materials and offers that are going to be relevant to them.


Action Steps

  1. Follow up with leads who engage with your content but drop off before completing your videos. Send them onto a shorter video.
  2. Include your lead segmentation immediately after your opt-ins.
  3. Ask for all the information you need and tag them accordingly.
  4. Only market content that’s going to be a good fit for the segment they’re part of.


Result You Will Achieve

Increase the subscriber value of your list through clever segmentation

Mentor: Jason Swenk

Founder of Jason Swenk. Marketing agency consultant, advisor & digital marketing speaker. Built a 7 figure business in under 1 year, serving over 3,000 people in 23 countries attributing a huge part of his success to email marketing.

This article is based on an EHQ interview with the mentor.