Jon Buchan

The Drunk Cold Email Success Story (This Works!)

The Drunk Cold Email That Changed My Life I used to work for digital marketing agencies. After 5 or so years, I decided to start my own agency. It went well for a year. Then, all my word of mouth leads dried up. I didn’t know how to open leads

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Laura Roeder

3 Big Rocks To Increase Productivity At Work

Planning As A Strength When I first got into the development world I was an outsider, I didn’t have a background in coding. I was actually a marketer before I was a founder. My business, MeetEdgar, was created with productivity in mind. What we do is help small business create

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Marijana Kostelac

How To Produce Long Form Content That Converts

Long Form Content, Near Term Results Hi! I’m a specialist in long-form B2B content. Most of my clients are SaaS and marketing companies. Typically, I’m writing blog posts in the range of 1,500 to 5,000 words. I mention this because this is the content that gets the most shares and

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