James Tuckerman

Unlock An Email List You Didn’t Even Know You Had

Everybody Has An Email Address Table of Contents Everybody Has An Email Address The List Is Right In Front Of You5 Places To Look For Hidden Email AddressesWhat To Do AfterAction StepsResult You Will AchieveMentor: James Tuckerman Think about how much you use your email on any given day. A

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Justin Feriman

The Importance Of How You Structure Your Content

Content Structure Is Destiny Table of Contents Content Structure Is DestinyStructuring Your ContentCreate Micro-contentLinear Or Multi-PathCreate A CommunityAction StepsResult You Will AchieveMentor: Justin Ferriman Online learning programs are a great way to stay current with what’s going on in your field. I’ve been helping companies set up platforms for their

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Shawn Thomas

Turning Your Brand Into A Business On Instagram

@Askamillionaire’s Unintentional Origin Table of Contents @Askamillionaire’s Unintentional OriginThe 3 Rules Of Great Instagram ContentAction StepsResult You Will AchieveMentor: Shawn Thomas A question I’ve been hearing a lot from people lately is, “how do I turn my brand into a business on Instagram?” It’s a really great question, and unfortunately

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Krista Neher

Three Tools To Get The Return On Investment From Video You Deserve!

Not All Videos Are Made Equal Table of Contents Not All Videos Are Made EqualAnimotoAdobe SparkVideoScribeAction StepsResult You Will AchieveMentor: Krista Neher When I’m making videos for my business I think about how that piece of content fits into my overall strategy and what I need this video to do

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Andrew McCauley

Marketing Automation For Your Social Media

Getting Your Tools To Talk To Each Other Table of Contents Getting Your Tools To Talk To Each OtherZapier For Social Media InfluenceAction StepsBONUSResult You Will AchieveMentor: Andrew McCauley Connection tools like IFTTT and Zapier are some of my favorite tools in online marketing these days. Not only are they

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Justin Brooke

Launch From The Affiliates Perspective

Making A Small List Perform Like A Large One Table of Contents Making A Small List Perform Like A Large OneIt All Goes Down In The LeaderboardFinding Your FlawAction StepsResults You Will AchieveMentor: Justin Brooke As a launch manager and an affiliate I’ve been behind the scenes on too many

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Mike Killen

How To Optimize Your “Thank You” Page

Simple changes Table of Contents Simple changes First StepsThank You PageGive Them A BonusDelivery PageAction StepsResult You Will AchieveMentor: Mike Killen When I am working I often look for places in my funnel where I can make things better and come up with new processes. I have been doing this

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Mike Taber

Survey Technique To Increase Your Cold Email Response Rates

Why A Survey? Table of Contents Why A Survey?Building the SurveyTwo Email Followup SeriesEmail Series #2: Scheduling the DemoAction StepsResult You Will AchieveMentor: Mike Taber I created this tactic because I noticed that I was attracting the wrong kind of people to sign up for product demos of my email

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