Ana Hoffman

Attract and Convert the Right Email Subscribers

Stop worrying about web traffic. Seriously. Web traffic should not be your top concern. Still with me? Web traffic is a bit of a misnomer in the world of online marketing, because   It’s about as useful as hitting the highway with thousands in cash in your backseat with the

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Karen Corban

The Secret to Living a Successful and Fulfilling Life

You need a purpose Table of Contents You need a purposeOnce you have defined your purpose, the next step is to set your goals.What if you don’t know how to start setting a goal?What does this all mean?Time to visualizeAction StepsResult You Will AchieveMentor: Karen Corban People need to have

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Andrew Lock

5 Steps To Creating Great Content, All The Time

Why Content Matters Table of Contents Why Content MattersStep 1 – Choose A Content CategoryStep 2 – Choose A Content TypeStep 3 – Choose DIY or DFYStep 4 – Research What’s Out In The World!Step 5 – Adapt The Content For Your AudienceAction StepsResult You Will GetMentor: Andrew Lock Creating

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David Walsh

“How To” Shoot A “How To” On YouTube

Let’s Get Straight To The Point Table of Contents Let’s Get Straight To The PointFinding Video IdeasThe IntroductionDelivery Of PromiseCall To ActionAction StepsResults You Will AchieveMentor: David Walsh No one is showing up to your videos to hear you “umming” or jumping from one topic to another… they clicked on

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Carl Taylor

Creating Hand Raising Offers For Your Sales Funnels

Sales Funnels Made Simple Table of Contents Sales Funnels Made SimpleOnline Sales Can Be Like Real Life DatingAction StepsResult You Will AchieveMentor: Carl Taylor Too many marketing experts out there are explaining sales funnels in ways that over complicate everything. You walk away from the conversation feeling like you “get

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Jill Konrath

3 Step B2B Sales Process To Boost Your Sales at Launch

Why A Regular Sales Approach Doesn’t Work Table of Contents Why A Regular Sales Approach Doesn’t WorkFiguring Out Your Target Customer and Target MarketApproaching A Customer And Preparing For A MeetingThe MeetingAction StepsResult You Will AchieveMentor: Jill Konrath Many entrepreneurs are fully invested in their creation – much like a

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Andy Crestodina

How to Construct A High Converting Sales Page

There are Two Types Of Customer Intent Table of Contents There are Two Types Of Customer IntentHow To Optimize Your Sales Page For ConversionsWrite Down QuestionsAnswer The QuestionsLowering the Barrier Of EntryAction StepsResult You Will AchieveMentor: Andy Crestodina There are two types of customers that will come to your website.

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Mike Lieberman

How To Make Your Recipient The Hero With Cold Emails

Oh No, You’ve Received Another Cold Email… Table of Contents Oh No, You’ve Received Another Cold Email…What’s Your StoryDisrupting Your SubjectsDon’t Stop The Story! Start The Next ChapterFocus The Offer On The HeroAction StepsResults You Will AchieveMentor: Mike Lieberman Is that the feeling you get when you receive a cold

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Dave Kerpen

Entice Readers with Headlines First, Great Content Second

So you already know you need to be posting on LinkedIn. Much like blogging, writing regularly on LinkedIn has the powerful benefit of showing other people that you’re a thought leader in your industry. But if you’re writing content first and then coming up with an appropriate headline, you’re done

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