Liam confidently closes a sales call

How to Close a Sales Call the Right Way

So, you’ve built a rapport with the prospect and you’ve given your pitch. How do you seal the deal and end your sales call with a new client? Learning how to close a sales call the right way takes time, but there are some simple closing techniques you can use

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two people working on how to make a sales call

How to Make a Sales Call: a Step-By-Step Guide

There are so many benefits to sales calls that you just can’t get with email conversations. While I’ve had many successes over the years with sales calls, I’ve also had to learn the hard way in some circumstances. Learning how to make a sales call is absolutely crucial for getting

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Liam creating a sales call plan

How to Create An Incredible Sales Call Plan In 9 Easy Steps

Sales calls can be pretty daunting when you’re first starting out. If you’ve got a brilliant product or service, but your sales calls just aren’t landing, there could be a key component that you’re missing. You need a sales call plan. If you’re fed up with just winging it, you

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Two people create a high ticket sales funnel

How to Create a Killer High-Ticket Sales Funnel That Converts

Spending more time chasing down qualified leads who are ready to invest in transformative change than you’re spending on actually helping your audience get results? It’s time to ditch that time-sucking strategy and deploy a high-ticket sales funnel, an automated process designed to nurture potential prospects into high-paying clients. In

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Ultimate guide to hosting a virtual summit

Virtual Summit Guide: How To Plan & Launch in 2024

Have you ever been to a conference? If you are like me, you would have attended many conferences in the past; and realize that as much as they are important for your business, they are also a big drain on your valuable time, energy and resources. Could there be a better way?Yes, and it comes in the form of an online conference, aka Virtual Summit.

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virtual workshop ready to present

Virtual Workshop Mastery: Your Step-by-Step Blueprint

Virtual workshops are an easy and effective way to attract clients, become an authority in your field, and connect with people. In fact, we’ve helped over 100,000 entrepreneurs through virtual events, and one of our students even used a virtual workshop to bring in $26,500 in revenue on his very

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How to Build an Email List Fast: 23 Effective Strategies

Whether you’re selling a product or service physically or online, email list building is one of the smartest things you can do to market and grow your business. In fact, 79% of marketers rate it among their top three marketing channels. But to reap the benefits, you must first build

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