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Don Breckenridge

The Case For An All-in-One Marketing Automation Software

Get It Done All-in-One I’m all about small businesses, and I love helping them level the playing field by becoming more efficient in their marketing and sales. In my time in the marketing automation space, I’ve focused on creating all-in-one solutions that   Each of these elements are key for

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Web Personalization Strategy To Create Custom Conversion Funnels

Being Relevant Means Being Personal Everyone who is in the services business already understands the power of personalization.   It even affects what kind of small talk we have together!   As a business that services freelancers I realized that there are many different kinds of freelancers. Some are solo,

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Bob Sparkins

3 Proven Lead Magnets To Build Your Email List

On Generating Leads I help marketers understand and leverage seemingly complicated marketing technologies to reach and appeal to their audiences. Lead generation can be pretty complicated and isn’t something everybody gets right, especially if they are in the early stages of digital marketing. I love showing people how to build

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Michael Hyatt

Key Motivations To Achieve Your Goals (With Consequences)

Setting Goals For Growth And Happiness Most of my career was spent in the book publishing industry and now I’m an author and involved with my new business. I’ve also been married for 40 years and I have 5 daughters and 8 grandchildren so I always have a full plate

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