Joel Comm

How I Build My Email List Using Facebook Live

Email Will Withstand The Test Of Time I’ve always been curious about computers, I’m a gamer and I’ve been involved with technology in some way my whole life. I like to play around and see what unique things I can discover. I’m the kind of entrepreneur who’s looking for something

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How I Make Money With My Membership Site (A Simple Strategy)

Don’t Call Them Members…They’re Clients My membership site is called the Youpreneur Academy and our focus is on helping people become the leading source providers in their industries. This means building a business that’s “future-proof” to a range of market conditions and builds around their personal experience and the target

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5 SEO Process Steps I Use For START Rankings Over Time

The Marketing Triumvirate And Borrowing From Taguchi I started with pay-per-click (PPC) marketing before AdWords was launched and I even worked as a technical editor for the official “AdWords For Dummies.” However, before that I was involved with SEO, and PPC was much easier since you could simply buy your

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How Often I Email My List To Convert 2x More Customers

I Really Don’t Like Working I don’t know about you, but I’m not the biggest fan of working that hard. I’ve figured out, using email, how to shorten my workdays down to one hour. I could conceivably cut them down to 10 minutes a day if I wanted to. Curious?

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How I Get Emails From Instagram Every 3 Hours

Embracing The Power Of Instagram I was able to go from having basically 0 Instagram followers to over 500k in a relatively short period of time of about 15 months. In the past, I’ve been able to gain 10,000 followers in just a few weeks thanks to having really strong

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My Cold Email Tips For B2B Outreach (Know Your Niche)

Researching Your Niche In The B2B World I’ve spent all my life in B2B, so I know what it’s like to break into a new client relationship for the first time. I’ve worked all across the sales process and now I work as a sales coach. What I want to

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Morning Routines Of Successful People Inspire My Day

Hello, Is Anyone Awake Yet? I spent 20 years working in Silicon Valley, but after the early 2000s dot com crash, jobs were scarce. I went from mid-six figures to looking at 10 dollars an hour Craigslist ads. I had to reinvent myself! I became a coach and internet marketer

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How I Map My Product Launch Timeline For Success

A Lifetime Of Launches I’ve been launching projects my whole life. Even when I was a kid! I would think of crazy projects I wanted to do, and then I’d break them all down in my head step by step with my plan to get them done. Before I worked

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