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How I Make Money With My Membership Site (A Simple Strategy)

Apr 16, 2020

Don’t Call Them Members…They’re Clients My membership site is called the Youpreneur Academy and our focus is on helping people become the leading source providers in their industries. This means building a business that’s “future-proof” to a range of market conditions and builds around their personal experience and the target

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Will A Free Or Paid Trial Work For My Membership?

Apr 16, 2020

Terrible Idea or a Gold Mine of Potential Clients? Some say absolutely not to either. They claim it devalues your product, could hurt your reputation and generates bad leads. Others claim that it works wonders to get people in the door that might not have done so otherwise. I’m one

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James Schramko

My Membership Model Profit Formula To Make More & Work Less

Apr 09, 2020

Retained Business Is The Best Business I have an entire profit formula that can really help your business. There are a couple of areas that are really worth focusing on and for me, I’ve decided to focus on the frequency of purchase. In the context of a membership site, this

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Timothy Sykes

How I Started A Membership Site & Grew To $20 Million

Apr 16, 2020

Gaining Trust As A Teacher I’ve spent my career for the past two decades as a stock trader, but finance can be a very tough industry. Especially as an independent. A lot of other traders I know lose when it comes to the market. When I started out I had

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Mike Morrison

How To Welcome New Members With A 5 Step Onboarding Process

Apr 08, 2020

Have you ever met a meta-membership site? I run a membership site for entrepreneurs who run membership sites. Yes, it’s very meta, thank you. It’s given me a ton of insight into the industry and how to effectively run a membership site that has great retention numbers. What I’ve realized

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Mike Weiss

6 User Onboarding Best Practices For Your Online Course

Sep 27, 2018

Focusing On Student Outcomes My sole focus is working with business owners and entrepreneurs who sell online courses, certification programs, and membership sites. I work with them to get their customer’s results and when they do, usually their businesses explode with growth. In the traditional brick and mortar education world

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