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Aaron Fletcher

CEO of The Fletcher Method

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CEO of The Fletcher Method. Aaron has become the “go-to” sales and marketing expert to small business owners, startups and entrepreneurs including Nolo.com, Caring.com, and Jay Abraham.


3 Easy Steps To Build the Foundation For Your Funnel Strategy

Aaron Fletcher of The Fletcher Method

Understand The Big Picture Before You Learn The Little Stuff

The internet marketing space is full of helpful and informative content that would be valuable to any marketer. Often times however blog writers will focus on tips and strategies that are often part of larger marketing frameworks without addressing these ideas directly.

Expert session

Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Aaron’s success

Building the foundation of a funnel strategy

Result if you follow the steps in Aaron’s session

Build the foundation of your marketing message and apply it to your funnel. This will guide all your funnel copy and marketing messages going forward making your offer stronger and carry more weight.

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What most people are focused on is either the funnel or floodgates what I call, you know, your marketing funnel, how you’re turning strangers into prospects and customers, or they’re focused on traffic. They’re, again, they’re trying to learn YouTube, Facebook ads, email, blogging, SEO.

What I realized is, neither percent of the successful businesses don’t focus on these first, they nail what we call the foundation. And it’s very simple. But it’s not easy. So there’s a difference, right?

Simple measures complexity and easy is a measure of difficulty.

Well, we’ve made it very simple. But most business owners don’t want to do the hard work that’s ultimately going to make them successful. It’s more fun to say, “oh, let me try this new kind of Facebook Messenger bot strategy or let me try this new this new blogging strategy, go create a video”.

But we find that if you can just get a business owner to zoom out, get really clear on who their customer is, crystal clear on who their customer is and where they find, where they can be found online, their psychographics their demographics, it’s just you know who they are, what they do.

So if I want to advertise to b2c, I might have more success on Facebook. And finding advertising businesses, I might use LinkedIn or our bound email. So I need to know who they are and where I can reach them. Then I need to get clear on the one problem I solve for those people.

Now this is, I think people should take notes on this part because this was a major game changer for myself and for our members, is what we call the core currency. So when you think about now about cyber currencies, and you know, gold and then money, that’s not we’re talking about, we’re talking about the measurable unit of value, what is the currency you deal in?

So this is hard for business owners. If every business owner ultimately has to decide the one problem they solve, that they want to be known and be world class.

So if you’re a fitness coach, do you want to be known for weight loss or do you want to be known for strength? You have to pick one for that avatar you’re serving. If you’re a marketing consultant, if you’re a marketing coach, do you want to be known for profit ROI, lead flow, search rankings.

So what most people do, is they muddy the water and they try to say too much. They say, “oh yeah, I’m a business consultant. I can help you increase your profitability leads traffic and exposure”. And it’s like blah, no one cares about stuff, right?

Or they use something that’s so vague, that the customer doesn’t care about it. Like I help you achieve peace, harmony, wellness, or I help you grow your business.

So before I move on to the offer piece, I just want to maybe tell your audience a great exercise is, to think if your prospect, if your avatar is up at night, and they wake up at three in the morning, and there’s one opportunity they can’t stop thinking about, one problem that hurts so bad they can’t stop thinking about it.

How would they articulate it? Would they say, God if I can just get 10 to 20 more customers this month, if I could just free up half my time, if I could just lose those stubborn 20 pounds, right? Your customer articulates their problems and their language, okay?

So we force our customers to pick one thing that they do, what we call one currency and not deviate from them. And then we have them measure it.

Now, instead of just saying, “I help you grow your business, I help you, you know, double your traffic”, now we say, “I’m going to help, I’m going to show you a clear system for you to get two to ten times more leads in your business in the next 90 days”.

So by giving it a timeline, and one currency, and making it measurable, that’s how you create an irresistible marketing message.

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