Aaron Ross of Predictable Revenue

Aaron Ross

Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Predictable Revenue

Aaron created the outbound prospecting & cold emailing process that helped drive Salesforce.com, and wrote the book “Predictable Revenue” (the sales bible of Silicon Valley), which helped create the cold emailing movement…along with billions in revenue for clients.

Aaron Ross, is the author of the award-winning, bestselling book Predictable Revenue, has been teaching companies how to double or triple (or more) new sales since he helped Salesforce grow from $5m to $100m.


Balancing Time And Life To Grow A Predictable Revenue Business

I wrote a book called Predictable Revenue, and prior to that, I worked at Salesforce working to create the outbound emailing team. I’ve also been running my own businesses for years.

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Balancing time and life in growing a predictable revenue business

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So I have a big family, a big expense to meet. It’s like, how do you do it all? How do you fit it in when you feel like, “wow, I’m so busy, another project, and maybe something I don’t even really want to do but I need to, maybe to hit my goals or maybe to support your family”.

So let’s talk about first, I think it’s important, understand, like, what does it take to be successful in growing a business and focus on outbound prospecting, which for a lot of you could work, maybe not all of you and that’s one of the differences.

So first, you have to realize that business, you have to make this decision, right? Do you want to be a growth business? Or do you want to be a simple business?

So growth business is one where you’re willing to invest, right? You’re willing to invest and grow but we don’t have screaming kids here in the background, but we do have a barking dog. So that’s just part of the life of, you know, having a big family. We got nine kids and three pets.

I suppose it’s like the life of an entrepreneur and family, like it’s difficult.

It’s basically, it’s just real life. You know, this is what people do. And how do you fit it in? I’m not perfect. You’re not perfect. This is what we’re talking about.

When you’re juggling kids, business, maybe you feel like you’re being evicted, maybe you’ve got debt, maybe you have a health issue, maybe you’re going through a divorce, maybe someone close to you has passed, and you still need to pay the bills, like how do you juggle all that?

That’s what people do. That’s what I do. That’s what you do. So part of this is understanding, I think. So this idea of, you know, what’s important to you. First, you want to be a growth company or a simple company?

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