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Aaron Zakowski

Founder and CEO at Yesware

Aaron Zakowski is the CEO of Zammo Digital Marketing where he helps leading startups accelerate user acquisition and achieve scale through Facebook Ads. Aaron has managed over $1 million in Facebook ads generating over 250,000 leads and signups for clients such as eBay, InVision, Cuisinart, Webydo, Treehouse and many more. He also shares his best marketing strategies on his blog at AaronZakowski.com


The Facebook Video Ad Method That’s Generated 1 M Views

 I focus on Facebook ads for medium-sized businesses focusing on new leads and sign-ups. One of the most powerful tools at my disposal is video ads. Video is super powerful because it allows you to tell a better story and create a deeper connection than just a simple image does most of the time.

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Using a Facebook video ad method to generate millions of views.

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Increased conversions for cold and warm leads.

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By my feeling without content and content marketing general orbits and video of us and blog posts is always share your best information. Because in most cases you know  here are so many people out there blogging and creating videos and creating different types of content about every topic under the sun right now and most people are afraid toshare their best ideas because they’re concerned their potential customers might just feel that I didn’t go and do it by themselves and one things that I’ve learned over the last couple years is by just sharing my very best ideas and giving away for free yeah, they’re gonna be some people who go and they take and they run with it on their own and that’s great.

You know I’ve helped somebody but there’s a lot of people who see that and say hey wow this guy’s smart he knows what he’s talking about and and based on that they’re gonna want to do business with me because I’ve created content that put content out there then most other people might be afraid to share and therefore distinguishes my content from the other people in my space and I think that’s  my approach certainly my recommendation to most of the people that I work with is to share your best ideas and usually even if you give away your best ideas it’s still not enough for someone to create a full funnel to get the full results out of unless you really get one you know in our course or something really huge but even then you know most people won’t implement but they’ll be impressed by your ideas enough to want to go and buy a product or two how are you – to provide services.

Alright so that’s the whole point there is valuable some of your best content when they go out there and I looked yeah hi you take that next step with you so we’ve got the valuable value in the in the content in the video we’ve got the the kind of different – different types of targeting there what what else should we be looking for?

So I think the important thing is to make sure that we have a funnel like we said within our ads also so we spoke about you know the warm and cold audiences so let’s say we run a good video ad too cold audiences and somebody watches our video or they watch the video and they click over to our web site you know most people aren’t going to buy anything on a first touch we got to build it build them into our community onto our email list and get them to be a part of our  community.

So, the way you want to do that is by retargeting so obviously we want to be retargeting people to visit our website and we could be doing that with an image ad or with a video ad but what’s a really great feature that Facebook is just for that in the last couple of months is a custom audience based on content and agent and what that means is that you can create a almost a retargeting this to retarget people who watch their videos and Facebook in fact gives you the ability to target people who watch 3 percent 25 percent 50 75 400 percent of your videos which is really powerful because people who watched a greater percentage of your video are gonna have a much greater likelihood of being engaged with you in your messaging what you have to sell so we can create an audience of those people and retarget those really really engage people that can be a super high ROI audience for us to continue to go after I’m so thinking about that audience is really good you  know we could be using video ads to retarget people who visited our website.

So if you’ve got traffic coming to your website from other channels from Google from other places you know we can say every person that visits my website is going to see the next day a video of me teaching a great lesson related to the things that they look for yesterday and that’s a great way just to continue that relationship that somebody visited the website and today I’m going to continue showing them that I can provide more value and get them to be engaged with more maybe offer a  free product you know like I said an eBook download or a free webinar something like that immediately when asked without having that type of file.

Okay so with that with that call-to-action there the you know into the funnel the lead magnet the e-book whatever that might be how is that how is that presented or how are you how you making sure that what are the kind of tactics or tips you can use when you know advertising to make sure  that that’s going to ultimately drive the maximum amount of leads to your business.

Right so depending on how you create the video you know you can definitely put some kind of you know text on screen or call to action like that but you know I would generally recommend most video ads it can be relatively short a couple of minutes people who have you know maybe mentioned at the beginning of the video that you’re gonna be making you know giving away a free gift or that you’re going to tell them how to get you know a webinar or an e-book or some kind of gift in the video but really in the text of what you’re saying or in the content of your video you want to just at the end say hey I hope you enjoyed this information but to get more and gig and expand expanded amount of this information or or if you get the secrets that I didn’t say in this short you know three minute video go check out this other content the webinar and you get the full story about how you get the full results over there and obviously to go over there they’re gonna have to submit their their email and join your list and all that you might ask you one last thing you might you might also want to put that call to action in the text that’s gonna be right above the video as well and the nd in the headline right below which is now clickable on most video ads.

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