Adam Lyons

Adam Lyons

Founder at Psychology Hacker

Adam Lyons generated 7 figures in 2017 from purely organic traffic. They achieved 2 comma club status through Clickfunnels and can teach people to use the same organic traffic secrets.

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Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Adam’s success
Using organic video views from YouTube and Facebook and using the “Viral Video Formula”
Result if you follow the steps in Matthew’s session

Get thousands of new customers in a very short time frame, authority in your niche, and increased income

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The first step is you’ve got to build a sequence of video. If the very first video you build is the one that goes viral, you are flash in the pan. So you build your foundation first.

And then once you put your foundation, the next step is you start getting a consistent video release going. And you can think of this like, a TV channel, where you know that, you know, every Sunday at 10pm, you get to watch Walking Dead.

You know, they need to know that every, whatever day is at whatever time they’re going to get to see you. And then once you get that consistency down, then you start pushing in the viral videos every so often. And that’s your three parts.

So first, I’ve got my foundation, I’ve got my core videos, I can take you through how to do that. Then you have your consistency down. The consistency doesn’t have to be every day.

It can be once a week, you can be once a month, but what matters is they know the schedule. They know when to expect it so that they go oh, I’m really excited. There are things happening that they tune in.

And then lastly, we’re adding to that scheduled and viral content, the viral content the hardest to make. So you don’t want to be doing it every time unless you can if you’ve got the willpower and the money and show that every time, but most people are going to want to do one viral videos for every four normal videos they do just so they’re not busting their ass creating content.

Well, that’s the thing, like some people might think video is really hard and to get something to go viral, like, impossible. But it sounds like you’ve got a process. You’ve done multiple things. So you’re probably someone that we should listen to.

Yeah, it’s pretty easy.

The foundation, what do we need to do?

In foundation, look at 20 videos to start with. It’s gonna be the hardest you ever work creating videos. And the easiest way to do that is do something like Buzz Sumo, which is a great tool. I’m sure you have other people mentioned it. I often recommend that based around your keywords as well, the kind of things that your customers are going to be typing into search for to look for you.

So you know, if I’ve got a supplement business then you know people like, how do I get rich quick, I probably want a video of how to get rich quick. So that way when somebody sees my car video, they come back and this is basic 20 videos answering all the questions that got.

I also think it’s a good idea for the frequently asked questions to make a video of each frequently asked question too. So that way when they come back to your YouTube channel and your Facebook page is seeing this list of frequently asked questions, but it doesn’t say frequently asked questions. It’s just the actual question itself.

Like, you know, are you a scam? Or, you know, how can I pay you? And also, will this work for me? You know, the kind of questions we normally get in FAQs.

It’s good to just have some videos to answer it. So that way you’re treating your YouTube channel and your Facebook and wherever you’re hosting your videos as a mini website. And it’s all right, except that picking and choosing what to look at.

So that’s your core foundation. So now I’ve got 20 videos and put them up online. There’s very few views on there. No one really knows about them, but they are going to start gaining views, they’re going to start gaining some traction and that’s
absolutely key.

And I’ve got this base and each one of these videos pushes back to my website with a call to action and giving them a free eBook or a PDF or a blueprint, whatever it is, but the end of every video.

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