Adele Revella of Buyer Persona Institute

Adele Revella

CEO of Buyer Persona Institute

Adele Revella is CEO of Buyer Persona Institute, a popular keynote speaker at conferences around the globe, and author of Buyer Personas: How to Gain Insight into Your Customer’s Expectations, Align your Marketing Strategies, and Win More Business (Wiley), named a Top 5 Business Book by Fortune Magazine.2

Adele’s inspiration for Buyer Persona Institute emerged as she developed and led the benchmark product marketing course for Pragmatic Marketing, the global training company widely considered the leader in B2B product management workshops.


How To Create Buyer Personas That Earn Buyer’s Trust

Buyer personas are my favorite topic to discuss and the reason I founded Buyer Persona Institute almost ten years ago.

I know that understanding your audience’s buying decision is the number one thing every company needs to do in order to engage in successful sales and marketing.

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Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Adele’s success

Creating buyer personas that earn buyer’s trust.

Result if you follow the steps in Adele’s session

Buyer personas that tell you what you need to do to earn your buyer’s trust and their business.

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So, you ask people and and people think that you know I mean classically people think of research right and when you think of research you probably think of surveys or maybe you think of focus groups that I mean does everybody hate surveys yes including your buyers and the problem with surveys is if you do surveys people you’re only going to get answers to the questions that you think asked and so what you really need to do is you need to talk to buyers who have been through this journey been through.

 This experience recently and I was going to tell you a story about it and it’s really more like journalism than it is research and if you  know take me back to the day when you first decided that you need to solve this kind of a problem tell me what happened and then you really just it’s more about listening than the questions you ask and it’s all about prompting the buyer as they tell their story to go deeper and deeper and deeper into different parts of their story oh so okay so I can see that you decided you needed to solve that problem.

But how you must have always needed that benefit or outcome why didn’t you decide to solve it sooner and it really gets you now we start to get into the mind of the buyer  round what triggers their decision to…

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