Ajit Nawalkha of Evercoach

Ajit Nawalkha

 Co-founder of Evercoach

Ajit has created multiple multi-million dollar businesses or has helped businesses reach extraordinary heights. While at it – I travel the world, create world-class events and life a fulfilled life. 

He has about 130,000 followers on different channels and platforms. Over 100,000 email subscribers.


Goal Setting Tips That Helped Build My Multi-Million Dollar Businesses

There is a tendency in society these days to feel pressure to check off all the boxes life presents you. Do well in school, check, get a good job, check, have the perfect spouse and home check.

Expert session

Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Ajit’s success

Using goal setting to help build a business.

Result if you follow the steps in Ajit’s session

Realistic and achievable long term goals without emotional pressure setting you back.

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