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Alex Wain

Founder at So Good Media

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Alex Wain is the co-founder of viral pop culture content site sobadsogood.com & viral video community nothingcooler.com. With a combined following of over 1M+ followers across social and reaching 1.5M fans per month.


Growing Your Video Audience

 Alex Wain of So Good Media

It’s great to see video becoming the dominant style of content on social networks. However each platform does video a little differently and the audience online has become pretty fragmented.

Now every business is throwing out tags for Twitter, Instagram…

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Consistency and regularity of content and the data behind it

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So you have this popular term growth hacking, right? So how do you, what is growth hacking? How does it actually work? So slightly sneaky in the way that we did. It was nothing cooler, we looked at on Twitter, you can search for domains, right? So you can type in, you know, rollingstone.com, and you can see who’s sharing articles from that domain.

So when we started off in Nothing Cooler, we looked at a lot of competitors. And we found out all the people who are tweeting links to our competitor sites, and then we retweet them and say, “Hey, you like rolling stone? Maybe you like MME?”, for example, as a comparison.

So that was a really quick and easy way and you just schedule tweets throughout the day. And you do that every day, you know, 10 or 20 a day, and that starts adding up because they watch that video, they share with their friends, that person comes back and it keeps going on and because it’s a tweet, for example, on that particular network. It feels very good, intimate, personal, one to one, doesn’t feel so spammy.

I sort of spending the bulk email out everybody and saying, hey, come and look on my website. It’s really amazing. It’s like, it’s much more personal and sort of, “Hey, I know you like this, maybe you like that”.

And really, initially, it was that sort of like small brands for that community and from that community, then it sort of got bigger and bigger and bigger. So that’s a really easy like way of sort of growth hacking, for example.

Another way is that with Facebook groups, a lot of people’s Facebook pages, so you can go into Facebook, your page admin, and you can follow certain pages and we will go through again, all our competitors, and see what content is being shared the most.

And then it was like, okay, well, this video I’m cooking is being shared a lot. Maybe let’s do one about what food everyone loves. Okay, let’s do one about tacos and bacon, rice, or bacon, tacos even better. So we will post stories that we knew were already working through.

We don’t want to rip somebody off. I wanted to make it our own, like our own spin on it, basically. So it’s this little sort of mitigating the risk. We knew it was going to work. Let’s put our own twist on it. And I’m using Facebook pages to this, what other brands are posting and also using Twitter, such as domain for two really key sort of things. We didn’t start to gain traction and also to find out what was going to work and what wasn’t gonna work.

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