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Alicia Dunams

International Facilitator and Entrepreneur at Bestseller In A Weekend & The Book Funnel

Alicia Dunams is the founder of Bestseller in a Weekend and The Book Funnel. She’s a master delegator and motivates thousands of entrepreneurs around the world to play big to reduce the business results and the life that they want, especially thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide to write publish and market their book during her acclaimed live bestseller weekend program.

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Delegating and outsourcing tasks

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Learn how to delegate tasks so you can focus on generating sales

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Well, when you’re just starting out, you get to focus on sales. So one thing that I truly believe in is that you sell first and you deliver second.

That’s how you start a business. And when unless you’re starting a technology startup or you’re looking for venture capital money, when it comes to anything else that comes, if you’re coaching business, internet marketer, consulting business speaker, what have you, you get to sell first and you deliver second as the only way you really get things moving.

And so with that, you’re going to be focusing on sales. So anything that is not adding to sales, you get to delegate and that’s really important. That’s anywhere from having your house clean to having a VA, virtual assistant.

And then partnering. One thing I want to caution any new, someone who’s getting started in entrepreneurship is to hire someone full time at $20-25 an hour to do administrative work.

And I really suggest that you have a VA for that, because what I find, unless they are contributing to the bottom line, it could be a real, real suck on your business in terms of your capital and your cash flow. And so you’re really going to be either outsourcing that to a low cost VA, whether it’s 3 or $5 an hour or doing it yourself, but focusing on generating sales.

And then when you bring on a client and there’s a service involved, you’re going to conduct the service or you outsource that to partners who are business owners themselves because they have a vested stake in the success of your relationship and also the success of the clients outcome and results.

And so when you’re getting started, you kind of do wear a lot of different hats. I mean, it’s been such a long time. I’m thinking back. I mean, my business has gone up and down. Obviously, we’ve had recent recession.

And so you might take more on in those type of situations. And you’re going to wear a lot of hats. But one thing that I know for sure, Liam is in my 16 years of business, I’ve worked on average 20 hours a week.

So that’s one thing I know for sure. And that is because I’m a master delegator. And I delegate things that I do not like doing.

And I know something that we were going to talk about in terms of one of my programs, so I have program called Bestseller Weekend.

I’ve helped several thousand people write books during my weekend workshop, and I have a program that we’re going to be launching again with a little soft launch this year of business plan in a weekend. And that is a program to run a business plan in a weekend.

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