Allison Otting of Disruptive Advertising

Allison Otting

Lead UI Designer at Disruptive Advertising

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Allison is one of the best landing page designers in the industry. Over the years, Allison has built thousands of landing pages in dozens of industries and helped hundreds of clients improve the performance of their online marketing. She’s your ultimate resource for creating a high converting and visually pleasing experience for customers.


Is Your Sales Funnel Leaking? It’s Time To Tighten Up Your Landing Page

Allison Otting of Disruptive Advertising

Today I want to talk to you about the best practices and strategies for creating effective landing pages.

I’m already modelling one of them right now.

Expert session

Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Allison’s success

Building and optimizing relevant landing pages for every campaign goal has helped Allison to achieve amazing results for her clients.

Result if you follow the steps in Allison’s session

A landing page that gives the impression your business really “gets” your prospect’s fears and sticking points.

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So landing pages are all about being granular. Right now, if you have your sales funnel all set up and you have it all written out, you’ve got your traffic, and then eventually you want it to come down to a sale.

What landing pages do is, rather than sending your traffic to a homepage, where they can get extremely distracted, and there’s so many different things to look at and so many places to navigate, there could even be a little Facebook icon down at the bottom and they could say, “Oh, I wonder if I have any messages.” They click on that, you’ve lost them.

What landing pages do is, they create a distraction free zone for them to learn about your company in the most relevant way possible. Because essentially, if you have traffic coming from an ad that says, learn more about our product, and then you take them to your homepage, and if there’s a blog post about something totally random, it can be really distracting for user.

So the landing page essentially tightens up that part of the sales funnel so that you’re getting more traffic to your sales portion.

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