Andre Chaperon of Autoresponder Madness

Andre Chaperon

Email marketer of Autoresponder Madness

Storyteller with amazing results from small email lists.

He’s typically the #1 affiliate when he promotes (which isn’t often), from tiny little emails lists.

In 2010, Ryan Deiss purchased AutoResponder Madness. But in 2012,they had fully integrated what he teaches about email, across all of their business units.

Andre counts people like Frank Kern, Ryan Levesque and Jeff Walker as customers. Vishen Lakhiani, CEO and founder of Mindvalley, has made ARM mandatory for EVERY new hire who works under him.


How To Improve Email Deliverability Rates With A Filter

I’ve been doing this online marketing thing full-time since 2003. I use story-powered email as the delivery vehicle to get my message out to an audience in a way that resonates with them.


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Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Andre’s success

 Improving email deliverability rates with a filter

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The way that I read my stuff is, if it’s gonna, I want it to be in people’s primary inboxes, you know, because most people use Gmail or Google Apps. It’s the interface that I use, and I know that when I look at the stats, most other people use those anyway. So I focus on making work best in that.

So one of the things that we do is we have a little on our thank you pages. So once somebody has opted in on our thank you pages, we’ll have a little image or some steps on what they can do to create a filter that automatically filters army emails directly into their primary inbox.

So typically, if somebody purchased one of our products, the story that we tell them is that well, if you want to receive all these emails, not 100% receive them because most of our training is delivered over email, so it’s in their benefit to rig it that way.

And then they just follow the instructions and then at least we know that every single email that we send out to those people that have done that is going to end up in the in the primary inbox. So that’s a massive thing, actually.

So what are the kind of the things that you’re asking them to do?

It’s just a little process of how to go into Gmail and set up a little filter that says any email from my domain name don’t send to spam marked as personal. And then it ends up straight into the priority inbox. And it’ll never ever go to spam. So long as that rules there, it’ll never ever go to spam no matter what you do.

This is great. I think we’re only a few minutes into the interview you’ve given an action step so guys go away and like, you know, write down the note or, you know, stop the session and go ahead and do it now.

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