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Andrew Lock

Creator of Help My Business
Andrew has created 7 membership sites in a wide variety of consumer and business niches, with more than 30,000 members.

He has also taught more than 2,500 entrepreneurs how to create a profitable membership site.


5 Steps To Creating Great Content, All The Time

Creating content is one of the most critical parts of putting your membership site together. It can be overwhelming and brings up fear that you will run out of ideas.

Likewise some people end up creating content that is low quality and thrown together…

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Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Andrew’s success
Have a system for researching and creating content.
Result if you follow the steps in Andrew’s session
Find it easy and fun to create original, engaging content for your members.

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The top 7 that I have found to be most popular among all different topics of membership sites are:

The ones that they tend to like the most. I’ve monitored students and tried these myself and of course there’s always little variations on the theme, but generally the top seven that the members like are:

1. News what’s new in this topic number.

2. Tools and resources things that are going to make their life easier related to the topic.

3. Lists. The five top whatever is or the seven must-have.

4. A story something that you’ve heard or experienced that you share with members and the community.

5. Mistakes to avoid. Everybody wants to avoid the mistakes that either you have made or that you’ve discovered other people make so that’s a good one.

6. How to type content which is practical that’s what we’re doing now we’re talking about specific how to approach, how to create content, in this case,

and lastly…

7.Competitions. People like the ability to to win something.

Those are the top seven that I found to be very popular across any any topic or or niche of membership site or niche if you live in America.

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