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Anjali Sud

Creator Platform at Vimeo

Anjali Sud is the General Manager, Creator Platform at Vimeo. She joined Vimeo, an IAC subsidiary, as Head of Global Marketing.

She later served as General Manager of Vimeo’s core creator business, where she built out the company’s offering for hosting, distributing and monetizing videos. In that role, Sud led a number of launches on the platform, including Vimeo Business (a membership plan for marketers and brands), 360 video support, and video collaboration and review tools.

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In addition to thinking about your funnel, we also think about well, who is the target audience for our video? You know, a lot of companies like Vimeo have multiple different segments of users, who they target.

So for us, you know, we target filmmakers but we also target businesses and brands. And so the types of videos we’re going to create will be different for each because we want to produce compelling content that speaks to our target audience. 

And then the last thing we also look at is the context in which the video is going to be experienced. This is one that’s become more important recently, because of things like social media. 

So you know, if I’m creating a video for a landing page, it’s very different than if I’m creating a 30 second video for Facebook. Because if I’m watching a video on Facebook, I’m likely watching it on my phone. And I’m likely scrolling through my feed where there’s no sound. 

And so I need to design the video to be mobile first, and I need to design the video to be understood with no sound. That’s very different than a video that might be on a landing page where I, you know, my viewer is sitting at their desk and they’re able to experience it fully.

Yeah, there’s not the distractions of you know, being on a social media platform if it is on that landing page. So absolutely get that. So there’s various different types and you’ve got to really understand those three different stages, which were context, your audience, and then?

And then just the funnel and your goal.

Cool. All right. So then once you’ve spent some time obviously thinking about this, and probably even serving your audience, trying to figure that all out and maybe testing this as well, ultimately, how do you go about actually creating the videos?

So we typically, first the biggest challenge is finding who to work with. And Vimeo, we’re fortunate that we have in house production teams. We also outsource and use agencies or ad hoc crews. But there are a ton of amazing video production folks all over the world and there’s lots of services that even help you find them and we are actually try and do that as well at Vimeo. 

So it really just depends on the video you’re trying to make. In some cases, you know, where it’s a branded video, for example, we will really try and be very hands on. So we’ll have, you know, our own copywriter work on the script and the messaging, just because it’s so specific for us. Or if we’re doing a product demo, where we’re using a lot of screenshots of our own product, it’s often easier for us to do that ourselves because we know our products so well. 

On the other hand, you know, for doing a video recap of an event, a recent film festival we were at, or if we’re doing, you know, a customer testimonial video, those are examples where, you know, they’re really easy to find someone to help out with that.

Alright, so just in terms of, you know, finding the right people, the video production itself, how do we, what are some tips that you can maybe give on maximizing the return of investment and also trying to just you know, keep costs under control as well?

Yeah. So one of the things that we’ve done is just work, we found a few creators, filmmakers who we really love. And we’ll work with them on a package deal. So an example would be if we’re doing a product launch. So let’s say for the product launch, we want a product demo video, a marketing video, and we’re going to launch a blog series that’s going to need six content marketing videos. 

Working with one filmmaker on a package deal allows us to keep our costs down. It also allows the look and feel of the videos for the entire campaign to be consistent. And so we’re relying on one creator filmmaker to really imagine what the whole campaign looks like. And then you get to get all these videos out of maybe one shoot as opposed to having to do six or seven shoots. And that’s when it can get really expensive. 

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