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Anthony John Amyx

Consultant at Amyx Global

Anthony is a coach/consultant at Amyx Global. He has used email marketing to host profitable virtual summits. He has sold courses like Tweet Like a Rockstar and as well as bridge his email marketing skills into successful social media posts to schedule sales calls.

Anthony once generated $16,000 whilst growing his list of 2,400 in just two weeks.

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So there’s three easy steps. The first piece of this is you have to create, like your power, right? And then we’re gonna get into your plan and then promote.

So the first piece is like power. And what I mean by power is anybody, and their mother can hop on Twitter, create an account, and like start sending messages. But if they don’t take the time to sit up their account correctly, they’re not gonna stand out from the noise.

So how do we do this? Well, the first piece of the puzzle is making sure that you have a personal profile picture. Now, a lot of people, sometimes, especially if they’re companies, they use their logos. But the reality is, the day and age that we live in, people want to connect with people, right?

And so allow somebody from the organization, I don’t care if it’s the CEO, I don’t care if it’s the sales guy, I don’t care if it’s you, like, allow somebody to be the face and see, I tested this like with a couple of brands.

One of the brands, they had like a personal brand on one hand, and on the other they just said, hey, let’s try their logo. Same, like two different accounts, same strategies, same content, which we’re gonna get into today, but the one with the personal profile picture, like completely kicked the brand’s logo in the face.

Like they were growing up to over 10,000 followers from just a couple of thousand within several months. They’re getting more click-through rates, their tweets were getting higher engagement, more retweets. And the brand was just kind of like pouring honey out of this jar in the middle of winter. Like it was slowly growing. Same strategy, right?

So I learned right then and there, like people want to connect with people. They don’t want to do business with the people who are the brands, who are hiding behind their logos. They want to connect with people. So allow somebody to be the mouthpiece. So that’s number one.

The second piece of this is having your bio. So I call it having a rock and bio. A lot of people, they just throw words, random words, random hashtags into their bio. Rather than using this as an opportunity to use three or four words that describe you as a human being in life and in business, again, people want to connect with people.

So give three or four short words that describe who you are very quickly. And then add in what I call the power statement, which is I help who do what. And a lot of people, they wanna overcomplicate this and make this sexy and make it really clever when the reality is simple. Always trumps the complexity, and the cleverness, and the sexiness.

Just keep it ridiculously simple until people, this is exactly who I help and this is how I help them. And if you have like a URL that takes them to a lead magnet, since it’s the email marketing summit, we’re talking about lead generation, right, and building our list, so we wanna make sure that our offer on the website that we’re taking them to is congruent with that power statement.

So whatever you’re saying, I help these types of people, you know, get this result. That lead magnet with your website needs to be congruent with that statement because you’re going to be connecting with people.

And I’m gonna teach you guys how to do that instantaneously today. And within like, 24 hours, 48 hours, you’re gonna get more traffic to the site and that’s going to help you. The power statement’s gonna help you get more targeted, click through to your website.

Cause I see so many people’s bio, like I said, lots of words, lots of hashtags, I have no idea who they are. I have no idea why. I want to take time out of my day to click on their link to see what they’re up to. So just tell me like, please, I’m begging you. Tell me exactly what you do. So that’s the second step.

The third step of getting to this place of power is having your cover photo. So you wanna design that thing 3000 pixels wide by 1000 pixels tall. If you buy into like Twitter, they’re gonna tell you 1500 by 500. You do that, that pixel, I mean that image is gonna be pixelated. It’s gonna be grainy. It’s not going to position you as a rockstar, that authority within your industry.

You need to have clean images. So 3000 pixels by 1000 pixels tall, wide and tall, and I use that as like a virtual billboard, right? So if you have that lead magnet, then you could create some type of imagery. Think of this as your promotional billboard. You’re having thousands of people who are gonna be coming to your account.

This is pretty much like a virtual highway people are driving by. So that’s an opportunity to make an impression and really position yourself into the marketplace where people start perceiving you as this rockstar.

One of the things that I learned, Liam, and when I was touring as a musician, was that like image really does play a difference in sales.

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