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Barney Davey

Founder at Art Marketing News & My Marketing Courses
Founder at Art Marketing News & My Marketing Courses. He was able to use Facebook advertising and Marketing Automation to add an average of 800 new subscribers a month. Barney is getting the same results with his funnels and marketing automation while cutting his expenses by $6,000 annually.


Getting The Support You Need For Your Marketing Stack

Barney Davey of Art Marketing News & My Marketing Courses

The Dawn Of Automation

I started out in the very beginning of the marketing automation revolution. I had an art business and artists were my primary client.

I began turning my paid speeches into online videos and it became increasingly difficult to manage without a backend system. Thank goodness this was around…

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Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Barney’s success
His initial biggest impact was to start using Automation in his marketing. Taking the time to learn about other platform options, and making the decision to move to simplify, streamline and save is making a huge difference in his cost of doing business. He uses the savings to invest in marketing and personnel.
Result if you follow the steps in Barney’s session
A strategy to build your marketing automation stack that gives you the proper support to grow your business

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That worked pretty well. I started building my first funnels and with Facebook advertising, was getting a decent ROI on the funnel and building my business, adding subscribers and selling courses.

But I was always nagging in the back of my mind, in spite of, this seems to be working fairly well for me, am I overpaying for because for all of this because my stack is my solution is fairly simple compared to a lot of other people.

I don’t look for gamification and in badges quizzes and in a lot of things that some other online training companies use, that wasn’t what I was after. So I felt in some ways that I was overpaying for what I was using. It was a nagging thought in the back of my mind.

Yeah, I think this is really interesting because, you know, it’s a really difficult decision for people to decide what software they should be using, putting all the investment in time to learning it.

Infusionsoft, some people call it confusion stuff because it is such a steep learning curve right at the very beginning, right? And so if you are going to choose one of these softwares, you want to make sure that you’re going to be with it for the long term, because there is such a learning curve to it.

So you spend a lot of time coming and going over these decisions and making sure that you are making the right decision that they do integrate with all the others.

And as you said, Infusionsoft, Memberium is probably you know the Rolls Royce version of email marketing and membership software in this world and so it’s a big decision to make if that is going to be right for your business and as you kind of realize you didn’t need all those bells and whistles

You’re absolutely right and it’s a two-pronged thing. It’s a financial decision and it’s also a time decision. And if you’re a solopreneur it’s also a matter of how much training you’re going to have to expose yourself to in order to get all of these things to work. I tell people you know, it’s not just Infusionsoft and Memberium because Menberium word runs on WordPress.

So what then with WordPress, you also are looking at posting security, backups, databases, plugins themes, and it’s up to you or you’re paying somebody else which adds even more money to it to make sure all of these things work well together, that they play nice together.

So it’s another aggravation, another whole set of responsibilities in addition to paying a premium price and I am getting like you said the goal, the Rolls Royce of business but I’m also involving myself to a great degree with my time on the training and maintenance of all of these things. And none of that was good as it is.

It will make me any more money than some other stack that might be a little bit simpler to use. And that was always kind of in the back of my mind, how do I make this easier? Are there other solutions out there besides Infusionsoft?

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