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Barry Feldman

Founder at Feldman Creative

Barry Feldman is the founder of Feldman Creative. He is a copywriter and content marketing strategist that has helped thousands of brands improve their digital marketing. He’s been recognized by LinkedIn as on a Top 25 social media expert and writes content for many top marketing publications.

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So, target the right blog, or, you know, the right blog might be based on volume, it might be based on the audience, right? If you sell something really niche, and they have an Alexa ranking of a million, you know, meaning a million websites get more traffic than them, that’s not necessarily bad.

You know, like, if you’re in the miniature poodle, dog washing and grooming business, you know, that’s a niche, right? And it’s going to end, it’s going to have geography associated with it.

And so there’s a lot of different reasons to look for blogs based on other authority in a specific field as opposed to just search traffic. So then, you know, then you have work to do research study, you got to go to there.

You go to their blog and say, if I’m going to write for this blog, and I have established that I want to, I have to understand what topics they publish stuff about.

What kind of style do they have? Do they have long post, short post? Lots of images, no images? Lot subheads, no subheads? You know, first person voice, third person voice? Conversational style anecdotal, you know?

You can’t just do your own style every time you want just because you’re making a guest appearance. That’s going to help you to sort of add here to what they do.

And you might look at their favorite formats, you know, like, do they publish a lot of infographics? Do they do a lot of interviews? So you’re going to want to get to another blog, because you’re going to want to convince them that you have got to know their blog, and you’re actually going to fit in and be helpful and satisfy their readers like some of the successful writers that have gone before you.

And so in a way, well, just like you’re not going to have access to the Google Analytics. They’re not, you’re not going to, they’re not going to send you a persona of the reader, but you can sort of reverse engineer it. Right?

Well, it looks like they write for dog owners and it looks like they have you know, this sort of style. And maybe the people that read it are more male and female, are more female than male or in this age or in this geography.

So you know, try to look at the demographics and the psychographics of the reader, keeping in mind that you’re going to have to speculate a bit. And then yeah, reach some conclusions about the things that matter to you. You know, if shares matter to you, and Twitter matters to you, and they get zero Twitter shares, you know, you might move on and eliminate them.

Another way, I think, to get to know their audience, and their traction, read not only the blog posts, but the comments. Now, sometimes, publishers are pulling the plug on comments, but you know, more often than not, they remain.

And so blogs, I get a lot of comments, you know, sort of suggests that they have a lot of engagement and a lot of readers. It’s not always the case, but I think you should join the conversation there and certainly see how people are responding.

And then we’ll get into pitching but you know, when push comes to shove and it’s time to do it, you know, take it seriously, write your most amazing posts. You know, knock one out of the park. And so they have to say yes. And it has to be a success, you know. You’re going to want to be invited back. So you know, don’t take the assignment lightly if you get it.

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