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Ben Jesson

 CEO at Conversion Rate Experts

Ben is the CEO and co-founder of Conversion Rate Experts (CRE), an international consultancy that scientifically optimizes the profitability of web businesses. CRE’s client portfolio includes Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Dropbox, Lloyds Banking Group, GQ, and Sony. Improvements of over 100% are commonplace.

Over the past ten years, Ben has measurably grown hundreds of businesses, in over 80 different verticals, generating billions in revenue for his clients.


3 Steps To Reduce Cart Abandonment Rate & Increase Conversion

After working with clients across 80 different market verticals and some of the biggest corporations in the world it seems that most businesses go about doing conversion optimization the wrong way around.

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Reducing the cart abandonment rate & increase conversion

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I’d like to talk about something that it’s kind of sounds obvious, but not that many businesses do and the results you can get are quite spectacular.

So it’s understanding your customers and visitors to find out why they aren’t converting. And then building content and experiments around those core issues that you reveal.

So yeah, it’s quite a different approach than a lot of other people do, but it’s gonna be quite interesting talking about how we do that with our clients with us today.

Right. So by doing all these tests, I mean, what kind of results will people get if they follow this process you’re going to outline today? What can you expect?

Well, the good news is the process I’m going to discuss with you today is the same process we use with all of our clients. So all of those kind of exciting Silicon Valley leading websites that you just mentioned, this is the same process that we use with them too. And it’s based on a methodology that we’ve developed over 10 years.

So you know, if you go to our website at conversionrateexperts.com, you’ll see tons of case studies and video testimonials from companies describing how we’ve doubled and in some instances tripled their sales.

And the way we work in our company is we insist that our clients measure the effectiveness of our work, and that’s usually via something like an AB split test. Whenever a new experimental page beats the control, the existing page, and whenever that happens, we call that a win-win for our clients.

And to define a winner is any activity that measurably grows a client’s business. And our average win rate is an increasing conversion of just over 50%. So the results can be pretty spectacular.

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