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How Often I Email My List To Convert 2x More Customers

I don’t know about you, but I’m not the biggest fan of working that hard.

I’ve figured out, using email, how to shorten my workdays down to one hour.

I could conceivably cut them down to 10 minutes a day if I wanted to.

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Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Ben’s success

Emailing customers with the right frequency

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A list of active prospects who want to hear from you without mild lukewarm subscribers who never become customers

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There’s a couple things to keep in mind. One, you don’t want everyone on your list you want. This is why, that’s just the way I look at it. Maybe there’s other guys at the summit who disagree, but they’re wrong. Okay, so it’s all good. It’s not against law to be wrong. It’s all good.

I’ll give you a biblical example. I’m not a priest, but this is like, this is straight out of the book of Revelation. And I use this all the time as an example.

It’s perfect free mail book Revelation, there’s this chapter three, I think it is, and Jesus is talking to this church saying you did all this good stuff, but you’re lukewarm. And because you’re lukewarm, I’m going to spew you out. I’d rather you be hot or cold, not lukewarm.

That’s how you want your list. You want them hot or cold.

And by emailing them every day correctly, you will make them either they want to buy and you just keep it every day, you’re gonna sell them or you turn them off completely. They’re just not that interested in and they’ll leave and they’ll leave peacefully, they’ll just unsubscribe. Most of them are not gonna be trollish about it. It’s the lukewarm people that could become trolls. And they’re nasty to you and they leave us stupid.

So you want to make them hot or cold. Like you’ll just mail every day and be interesting and that’s the other thing is, as long as you’re interesting, if you’re, there’s this guy named Jim Camp, he died earlier last year, actually sad. He was the world’s most feared negotiator.

And he had to say, I’ve never forgotten. I like, taped to my wall because I never want to forget it. You’re always safe. And let’s talk about negotiate, change and put, it’s the same as selling, okay, it’s exact same, you’re always safe.

When you’re in the other person’s world, if you’re in their world, talking about their problems, and things that are interesting to them, you’re not going to bore them, they will look forward to the great Matt Fury, who I mentioned earlier, he was big on treating email, like talk radio, so you become an effective radio show host. And you’re gonna have fans, you’re gonna love what you’re talking about. You’re always gonna sell.

Just like talk radio, I don’t know if there’s talk radio. And there’s a segment where they talk about politics or whatever. And then it goes to commercial. Like, it’s the most direct response friendly medium in the world, billions of dollars of sales are done on talk radio, it’s so direct response friendly.

So take that to email, you’re going to give them a 2,3,4, 100 however long it is word segment talking about a problem or whatever insecurity or desire or just the news, whatever, that’s something relevant to them. And then you’re going to ask for a sale, you’re going to tie it into what you’re selling. And that’s the thing you want to, I don’t think people should worry about people opting out, I think it’s a good thing.

Because if you’re worried about opt outs over getting sales, then that means your playing to lose instead of playing to win.

The more senior autoresponder negative list gets, get them off. If they’re not gonna buy you do them no good, you do yourself no good, key number one.

So make them hot or cold. And you do that just by showing up every day. And being you using your personality tying in whatever it is you’re talking about to what you sell, and then moving out the rest of your day.

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