Benji Hyam of Grow and Convert

Benji Hyam

Co-Founder of Grow and Convert

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Benji grew their blog from 0-24,000 sessions within 4.5 months after launch and grew their content marketing agency from 0-34k/monthly revenue in 4 months after launching.  Benji is also a co-founder of Wordable, which they grew entirely off of content marketing, and which was recently acquired. Before that he was marketing for two venture backed startups in SF.


How to Launch and Grow with Content Marketing

Over the past 8 years, I’ve used content marketing at various companies to build an audience of potential customers and drive growth. Our agency Grow and Convert has grown completely off of content marketing and our previous company Wordable, that was acquired, was launched and grew solely from…

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Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Benji’s success

Finding communities online that contain your target audience

Result if you follow the steps in Benji’s session

Content for targeted communities that will drive traffic back to your website and list

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The first thing that we’re doing is writing content that is different from anyone in the industry. It’s not enough to just produce content. We’re not producing posts like, why you should invest in content marketing, as a content marketing agency, or a list of the best content marketing agencies or something like that.

A lot of people are using the same strategies regarding content. What we’re doing first off is identifying the pain points people have when they’re investing in content marketing.

For example a big challenge for a lot of people who are actively investing in content marketing, how to drive traffic to my blog? So a lot of people are publishing frequently, they don’t know how to drive traffic so we’re sharing strategies, very specific strategies and case studies around things that we have done.

Like going to depth about someone would want to beat us, another thing is how to come up with the right ideas that would attract the right audience. We’ve written about topics like that. The key piece of our content strategy is to teach someone how to do something.

Then we’re sharing these in the communities. If we’re sharing the same content as everyone else, just another generic top ten ideas for content marketing kind of post, I don’t think this strategy would work that well. But because we’re creating content that is unique with real metrics and case studies, when we share these articles in communities.

I get asked often whether I get someone to post on my behalf, I do it all personally and I wrote the piece of content. I created this for this specific purpose, for these people. So, if it’s content marketers I created this article that goes in depth how I drove traffic and grew my site as quickly. I try to open it up for questions.

It’s what drive people back to our site and on our site to get email subscribers. That’s how we grew our email subscribers. Now we have about 6,000 subscribers but we don’t focus on growing our list.

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