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Benji Travis

Co-Founder at Video Influencers

Benji has 1 billion plus video views and 3 million subscribers at just the beginning of his track record online video. For over seven years, he’s worked on building businesses based on YouTube channels and helping others do the same. And he raised over half a million for charity in five years using social media.

His focus as a business person is to create financial opportunities while getting views and gaining subscribers.

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There’s so many different variables that would determine this, obviously, like the amount of time you have, what type of videos you’re putting out, and you know, like what type of content you’re actually creating in terms of quality and production, everything.

The point here I would love to drive home is be consistent, whatever it is that you decide to do, be very consistent, right? One per week, for a whole year is going to be better than 50 in one month, and then you drop the ball for the rest of the year, right? People love that consistency.

In fact, somebody just brought up to me the other day about like, when you think of your favorite shows on TV, which I don’t know how many people in here actually watch TV, like traditional TV, but remember back in the day when there was a TV show that would come on at a certain time, right?
And it always came on. So you always were ready for that show. What would happen if that show stopped? Or what if, like, they aired something totally different, you know?

I mean, I remember there would be the specials that come on, and I’d be kind of angry, like, Oh my gosh, my favorite show is on and no idea.

So like, it’s the same on YouTube, right? Now, people obviously can go and watch your content whenever they want. It’s not on a set schedule, but like that consistency is important for that relationship.

It’s like a friendship, right? You always want to show up to somebody’s event, you always want to be there for them, you always want to talk to them, right? And the more consistent you are about that, the better that relationship gets, the better that trust that you build in that viewer, right, to create those opportunities long term.

So all this like circles back to trust, right? But yeah, consistency and like what does that repetition look like? I think, if you want to be a serious youtuber, I would commit at least once a week at least.

Now, my wife and I, my wife, she’s an amazing superstar. She does a video every single day. That’s what sets daily vloggers apart from everybody else, because it is not easy on her delivery bed when she delivered twins. She was editing a video.

I offered to edit but she’s like, no, I got to stay committed. I got to put it up even with me offering like she is the one that does all the editing. She put it up, viewers love that.

Now, do you have to do that as a business person? Like even if you become a YouTuber vlogger? Absolutely not. But the point being that you’re so committed to that schedule, whether it’s once a week, right? Or once every few days that you create this, like this consistency that people are aware of, so they continuously come back to YouTube.

Another thing too, like don’t assume people just go to YouTube like they watch TV, right? If you create that schedule that’s consistent, they’re going to remember even if it’s not the day, they’re like, “Oh, yeah, Benji uploaded that video on Monday”.

You know, like, let me go check it out, because I always know he uploads something really important. Like I said, it’s going to varies or going to depend on your own life that determines what that schedule is, but once a week at least, and you know, like I, you know, if you’re really serious, I would challenge yourself to do at least two a week.

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