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Bill Widmer

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Bill Widmer is the founder of William Widmer. He is also a B2B content marketing SEO consultant and his work has resulted in several thousand dollar increases in recurring monthly revenue for several of his clients.

Bill has created content that’s acquired hundreds of backlinks. He has ranked dozens of articles and half a dozen sites on the first page of Google, in the top 3 results.

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Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Bill’s success

Becoming friends with the heavy-hitters (aka “influencers”)

Result if you follow the steps in Bill’s session

Grow your network, increase your reach and have a much easier time building links to (and therefore ranking) your content

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So essentially, you’ve got their name, you’ve got their email, their contact information, and then you’ve got their website URL. And if you really want to get fancy with it, you can also add their domain authority, which is essentially a metric that tells you how authoritative their website is and how valuable a link from their site might be.

It’s a vague metric, it’s not spot on, but it is a good indicator of the overall quality of the site in Google’s eyes.

Where would you get that domain authority from?

So there’s a lot of different ways to do this. You can install the way that uses Moz bar. It’s a Chrome extension that you can do.

It’s a browser extension, you can just install and literally, as you visit a website, it’ll show you in the extension right there. It’ll just give you a number. Or you can even turn it on and it’ll show you right on the search results page, the domain authority of each listing.

Nice. And then you are typing that straight into the sheet. And what are you doing with that information?

So once you have that, if you add the domain authority, you can sort them by their domain authority. So that way, you’re focusing on trying harder, if you will, to build relationships with the higher domain authority site owners, because that relationship might not necessarily, but it might have a bigger impact on your links and your promotion efforts.

Very cool. Yeah, we definitely do something similar with as we use a few different kind of authority ranking pieces of information. And it’s interesting to see most toolbar. And there’s a few different other ways you might want to do that to just rank.

Yeah, maybe those influences based on how much influence they have. And that’s what this domain authority is, really showing how much influence, how much reach, how much traffic essentially is going to do this.

Exactly. Yep.

Cool. Alright, so once we’ve kind of sorted this out, we can go our top 10. Let’s, you know, maybe get a phone call with these, get really personal, do something special for them. The bottom, you know, 10, 20% maybe don’t spend as much time on them. I like the way of organizing this to really prioritize your efforts, the whole 80/20 rule.

Yeah, absolutely. And what I would do is, like you said, those top 10 people actually take the time to reach out to them, comment on their blog, share their content, follow them on social media, share their posts, comment below posts, like basically anything that would make you feel good as a blog owner do for them and it’ll make them feel good.

Even the most, like Neil Patel and all these other people who are super popular, they still like, you know, hearing, wow, this is awesome. You’re really awesome person. And as long as it’s genuine, obviously. So take the time with those top 10.

Yeah, absolutely. Building relationships is going to take you places. So we’ve got that information, we’ve got all in the spreadsheet. We’ve identified who those top ones are. What’s the next thing we need to do?

So what I really like to do is use these influencers in my content strategy. So basically, the reason, they’ve become influencers for a reason, they are on top of their game they’re writing about the stuff that people care about, that people are searching for.

So I take their websites, and I’ll plug them into a content and analysis tool like Buzzsumo or Ahrefs and look to see what their top five pieces of content are. And then I’ll overlap. I’ll manually review them and say, okay, you know, five of these 10 top sites is talking about this specific topic. Maybe I should talk about that too.

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