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Bob Sparkins

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Bob The Teacher Sparkins is the Marketing Educator at LeadPages, creating in-depth courses for the LeadPages community including The Email List Building Course. Bob has trained thousands of entrepreneurs on list building strategies and specific under-the-hood tech methods to growing a business with online marketing since 2006. As part of the LeadPages marketing team, Bob has contributed to the enormous growth of the company’s subscriber and customer base.

Using the strategies Bob will share in his session, he grew his personal email list to 30,000+, and has contributed to the quick rise of LeadPages over the last 3 years – first as an affiliate since Day 1, and now as a prolific content creator on the LeadPages marketing team.


3 Proven Lead Magnets To Build Your Email List

I help marketers understand and leverage seemingly complicated marketing technologies to reach and appeal to their audiences. Lead generation can be pretty complicated and isn’t something everybody gets right, especially if they are in the early stages of digital marketing.

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Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Bob’s success

Using proven lead magnets to build your email list.

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3 proven lead magnets to build your subscriber list, reputation, and your business.

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The number one thing is to think about what you’re trying to sell you know actually before you start to build a list be thinking about what is it to that person who becomes a subscriber will eventually be buying from you right because it doesn’t do you any good to get them to opt-in for a free coupon for your local restaurant.

If you’re gonna try to sell them a broom that happens to run across the floor with batteries you know so making sure that you’re taking a look at what you want to sell first and then breaking off a piece of that or at least laying a stepping stone towards that and that becomes what you build your list around so really stage 1 stage 2 building the list let’s let’s just dive straight into it what kind of tactics tiers.

Yeah well one of the things, of course, is that we want to concentrate on the idea of that incentivized opt-in right what we call a lead magnet and there are three types of lead magnets that I think are really important for you to concentrate on you want to do them all at once, of course, do them in the order that seems to fit for you but we’ve found that three particular types of lead magnets work extremely well and they convert better than just about anything else and the first one of those I would suggest to you as a resource guide having an opportunity to share with people what are those tools that you are using in your business.

What are the tools that you’re using in your life whatever kind of business that you run? You’re trying to help people out by giving them a shortcut one of the shortcuts are looking for is what tools do you use so in your questions, you know you’re asking me what tools do I use for list building one of those tools would be leadpages obviously another tool would be an autoresponder service we use HubSpot and Infusionsoft.

For example another tool that we use is called what do we use we use Buffer for social media marketing so that we can have posts that drive traffic to our blog posts that have lead magnets on them so I’m just giving you tips of the types of tools and that’s what people are really excited about they’re really excited about what is it that you’re using in your business into your life to make life easier and you can put that into a small single page PDF document that you gave away to your audience and say hey these are the five tools I use to gain you know muscle mass if you’re a fitness trainer for people who are bodybuilders.

If you’re in the b2b space and you’re using LinkedIn for example you know a lot of your members are there are five other social media tools that you’re using to drive leads and sales what are those tools another example would be like a financial planner what are five tools I can use to get control of my finances tell me about those and giving them away to me in the form of a lead magnet I’m going to want to sign up for that so there’s three lead magnets but though that’s the number one type as a resource guide.

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